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Amma, What do I do about my acne | Amazing Poem by Yamini,14,Bangalore

A poem about a new change she is coping with – do not miss this honest piece of writing by 14-year-old Yamini from Bangalore. 


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Dear Amma,

I have to make a confession,

On what has been causing me panic and tension.


I cannot stop my hand from going to my pimples,

It’s like a magnetic effect, only far less simple.


I don’t even know when it happens – it must be when I am thinking,

For when I am trying to compose this poem, I often find myself scratching.


I don’t know whether it can be stopped or if it is too late,

But I will be eternally grateful, if you could save me from this horrible fate.


I am writing this so that you know of my plight,

For in the future, I want to be a tolerable sight.


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