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A window to wisdom – Story

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Once there lived a saint with his followers, near Gaya. The saint was a noble  person with inspiring qualities. The saint used to carry a mirror wherever he  went. When he was happy, he brought the mirror and he would see his face. When he was angry, he did the same. It continued as a routine.


His followers were surprised by this activity many times. They wanted to raise  a question regarding the mirror. Due to respect, they didn’t ask anything. Few years passed.

One day the king of the country wanted to visit the saint. He arrived at the residence of the saint. Everyone welcomed the king with garland and praises.  The king hugged the saint, with happiness and respect. But then again, the saint took his mirror, looked at his image and smiled at it. It made the ruler disappointed with anger and he was unable to control his words.

He said to the saint, “I am the great ruler of this country and I am visiting you with respect. But you ignore me and my values. Why you are always looking  at the mirror. Are you concerned about your beauty?”

The answer was simply a smile. The saint replied, “My majesty, I believe in  myself more than anybody else believes me.” I am responsible for  all my  emotions and my mistakes, sorrows everything. At first, I was very excited that I was going to meet you and I felt very proud too.


I wanted to control my emotions. That is why I looked into the mirror to get rid  of my pride and I wanted to stay calm. Now that I have, I will live my life easily. Before blaming others for our actions, we must appraise ourselves. This will  make life easy and contented.

Self appraisal is the best door to wisdom.


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