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#SaraReads: Story- Talking tree and a little girl

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Raksha Chennai Bookosmia

One day a girl named Meera woke up early in the morning at 3.25 AM, because of some sound. She went out and found that the trees were laughing and talking to each other.

“How can you all talk? ” asked Meera to the tree near her house.

“We have always been able to talk.Our king did not give us permission. We were planning to talk to you two months before but we got his permission only now,” said the tree.

Meera asked, “Who is your king?”


“Our king is the Air,” replied the tree.

“Why did you wish to talk with me?”asked Meera to the tree.


“You are the only one person who likes coronavirus, but we did not know why  you like it,” replied the tree. “Can you please tell me why do you like it?”


“I can play all through the days and nights, I could go to bed after midnight and wakeup in the afternoon,” told Meera.

“Ha….Ha….Ha….laughed the tree and asked Meera,”Are you really lazy?

“Yes, I am quite lazy, but if I decide to be brisk I would be as quick as I want,” replied Meera and asked the tree,”Ok, fine, what about you? Do you like coronavirus?”

“Yes of course.Because of the overuse of natural resources, people were not caring about us, but when this virus started affecting people, no one is
bothering or hurting us,” said the tree.


Meera responded, ” That is great, so you are also happy right now! Oh, I forgot to ask your name. My name is Meera, what is yours?”asked Meera

“Viruksham,” the tree responded.”Meera it is time for you to go back home because people will be soon wake up.”

“Ok, Viruksham, I wish I will meet you again and talk a lot,”  answered Meera. The tree nodded its head and they quietly said goodbye to each other.

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