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A Special IPL – Essay | Sports Stories

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A very popular form of cricket is the IPL.


This time because of the virus Covid-19, IPL (short for the Indian Premier  League) took place a bit late. Though generally it takes place in the month of April/May, this year it started on 19th September.


An auction is held before the tournament, in which players are chosen for their respective teams. Eight teams participate head-to-head, four teams go to  play-offs, two teams play the finals and then emerges the final champion.


Some of the favourite IPL teams are Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai  Indians. Generally the IPL takes place in India but this time it is taking place in  UAE. One thing makes me sad, that I cannot watch the matches in the stadium.


But the good news is that at least I get to watch my favourite sport during this  pandemic. I support the Kolkata Knight Riders, commonly knows as KKR.


Andre Russell is the player I like the most from this team, although Virat Kohli  is my all- time favourite. I look forward to watching all the matches of the  season.



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