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A prank played by me

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It was first of April and I was in my school. Everyone was fooling around and having fun, and many friends had played tricks on me as well.


I also wanted to fool someone so when it was break time, I went to one of my classmates Vivaan . He was having some snacks, standing by the stairs with  his friends.


I said, “Vivaan ! There is a lizard on your shoulder!” in a very shocked tone.

He screamed and jumped abruptly, but slipped down from the stairs and  awkwardly fell to the last set of steps. Everyone looked shell-shocked for a few seconds at Vivaan lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, his head bleeding.


I couldn’t believe my eyes! On realizing what had happened, children rushed  towards him and so did a teacher who had come there on hearing Vivaan’s  scream.


Vivaan was immediately carried to the medical room . I had never imagined  that my apparently harmless joke could go so wrong and result in such a  mishap.

Soon everyone got to know that it was due to the ugly prank I had played on Vivaan that he had stumbled down the stairs. I was trembling with fear and regret. The principal listened to me quite unsympathetically and then handed  over two papers that made me learn a lesson that I would never forget.


The first letter was a suspension letter for 30 days and the other was a  warning letter.


I had not wanted my parents to know about this sad incident but now they had to know about it. Though they did understand that I had no intention of  harming Vivaan in any way, they didn’t approve of my behaviour.


This whole sad incident made me realize that we should not play
pranks that can go wrong and cause harm to anyone.

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