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A painting I made | Poem by 11 year old from Delhi

Made a painting? Write to us about it like 11 year old Vachi Aggarwal from Delhi has!

beautiful drawing painting bookosmia

It all started with a tree whose leaves were falling by…

Witnessed by me with open eyes and a comforting sigh

A sky so monochromatic and beautiful

And a round silver moon to enhance its beauty.


I felt the soothing and comforting, calm mood

Standing upright was a tree wearing a pink- red hood.

It  blossomed gracefully on a high cliff

Stood strong like an epitome of optimism.


Like heaven it seemed to me!

To you? It’s just a matter of how you see!

See it as an inspiration or as a ray of hope

A matter of your imagination!


But it occurs to me, what I see

is just a painting made by me!

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