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#SaraReads: Essay- A day with my little brother

#SaraReads stories for kids brothers in lockdown Bookosmia

Essay: A Day with My Little Brother

We are four members in our family. They are father, mother, myself, and my little brother. He is just six months old. I am going to write about ‘A Day with My
Little Brother’ in the following paragraphs.

#SaraReads stories for kids brothers in lockdown Bookosmia

I am used to being woken up by my little brother, with his loud crying in the early morning.  After my morning duties, I play with my little brother.

He likes to play with small toys, cars and rings. I do help my mom to take care of him. I bring towel and  dress from wardrobe when my mom makes him bath.

Also, I help to change his dress frequently.


In the afternoon, I do swing his cradle to make him sleep. I show him some action/dance movements when my mom feeds him. When I do my homework  in the evening, he crawls towards me and pulls my notebooks.

In conclusion, my day goes on helping my mom to take care of him, playing  with him, and making him sleep. This will continue during my summer holidays.
My little brother engages my day, so that I dont mind not going out to play with my friends. He makes me to stay home and stay safe during this outbreak due to Coronavirus.

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