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I Live In A Colourful World | Blog by 8 year old from Kolkata

7 year old Atharva Agarwal loves the colours of the world. What’s your favourite colour?

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In the earlier times, the world was black and white (or so I think) but people who are born now live in a colourful world. The world looks gorgeous with a variety of living and non-living things around. We find colors like red, orange, pink, and purple in buildings, vehicles, amusement parks, museums, schools and in cities. Humans also have different skin colours which add to the beauty.


My favorite color is green. It makes me feel fresh and healthy. From my window I admire lush green gardens with vivid flowers and yellow pretty butterflies fluttering. When I wake up in morning, I can see white ducks swimming in the blue pond outside my balcony. A white bed, the yellow soft board of my study table, a red and green curtain with blue carpet in my room, brightens my peach and brown house.


After the rain, looking at the seven coloured rainbow in white sky and wet brown muddy roads makes me feel happy. Going to the zoo and looking at the colourful birds and animals amazes me. A world without colors would make our life dull and boring. I am happy to live in such a colourful world.


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