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75 Years In The Making-Independence Day| Poem by 14 yr old

75 years of Independence! What a journey it has been! 14 year old Tanyaa from Kolkata put it all down and asks us to reflect on the days ahead.
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It’s because of them we are ages behind

They looted everything for what was our worth
They tortured us till our souls had died
And put us in a state in which we could never advance forth
They took our Kohinoor, our spices, sense of pride
‘Sone ki chiriya’ they called us but
They drained all our wealth
“Indians and dogs not allowed,” we were dead from the inside
They made us rot, with all our treasures drowning in their greed’s depths


Here we stand, independent India 75 years later
From binary to optic fibres we have come
Our Sundar Pichai, Mangalyaan on Mars’ craters
So much everlasting progress in 75 years we have jumped
Our literacy rate all over the nation grew and grew
From 12 to 74 percent
the right to vote was established
for me and you

Off the charts our economy went
We hosted the first ever Asian games
Two years after our freedom
And made the first nuclear reactor after seven
The whole planet praises us for our wealth and wisdom
We have again achieved our heaven

It’s a mark we have made all throughout the globe
Be it engineering or medicine, the world knows our name
We are no longer behind for we have been able to cope
Like a phoenix we rose from the ashes when we were burned to flames
We have come a far way and we have a far way to go
We are a developing country
to be “developed” we strive
Hard work and effort is what will make our country grow
It’s up to us now to take the country ahead, make it thrive.

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