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Inclusion Fest '23

Neurodiversity? What and Why?

Here is a moving message by Mugdha Kalra, autism activist, BBC 100 Women 21 and a special-needs mom on why we should care about neurodiversity.

So go on and participate, share your stories or your comments. Spread some love.

Why is this fest special?

Stories for Inclusion Fest Kids Not That Different

This fest is for ALL kids. Kids are curious, free of judgement and will naturally grow up to be inclusive adults if they continuing to drive inclusion throughout school, college, workplace. 

Not That Different is India’s first child-led movement to embrace neurodiversity and inclusion, putting the onus on the majority viz neurotypicals for real inclusion. 

So, what does child-led inclusion look like? Here is a glimpse that was also appreciated at Stanford Neurodiversity Programme.

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Author Anita Nair talks to children at Inclusion Fest at Bookosmia on inclusive writing

Meet award-winning and globally acclaimed author Anita Nair as she talks to children about the need to write and express in an inclusive way.

6pm today-


Young Adults discuss portrayal of neurodiverse character in pop culture, books and movies. Check out the hits and misses.

Theme: What is this fest about? And more questions from young Bookosmians

Panel: Not That Different Founders Mugdha Kalra, Archana Mohan and Nidhi Mishra along with Shivani Dhillon, Award Winning Storyteller & Social Entrepreneur , Founder of Down Syndrome India and Samvid Stories and Beyond,  and Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President of the Early Childhood Association ECA which has a membership of 38,000 preschools countrywide, and president of Podar Education Network.


Listen here

Theme: Young readers interview well known children’s author Lavanya Karthik on her many books on inclusion – Neel on Wheels (wheelchair bound) When Adil Speaks, Word Dance (hearing impaired), A Walk With Thambi (sight impaired)

Theme ‘Stories For Inclusion’ Fest at Not That Different(NTD), we pause to hear from kids, parents, caregivers and support organizations in the space to share why they feel their stories matter. Join in to listen in and share your thoughts. Hosted by Mugdha Kalra, BBC 100 Women’2021 for her work at NTD, in conversation
Shivani Dhillon-Award winning social entrepreneur and Founder, Samvid Stories,
Prachi Deo- Founder Nayi Disha, award winning resource and support centre for neurodiverse families
Pratima Bhinge & Jyotsna Kumar- Co-founders of Club Youngistan, a Virtual Learning Platform for the young adults with disabilities
Register in advance for this meeting:

Watch here-

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Calling our children & young adults with neuro diverse needs to experience the joy of telling a story!

How to participate inclusion fest 23 for neurodiverse kids by 15th Aug’23

How to participate?

Listen to ace-storyteller, award-winning social entrepreneur and special-needs mom Shivani Dhillon.


Samvid is an organization that tells stories to anyone who wants to listen – children, teenagers, adults, professionals, teachers & corporates, specializing in working with people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues.

Nayi Disha Resource Centre is a non-profit organization, that provides information, peer-support and hope to families affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism. We are delighted that they are leading participation for the fest from the

ir neurodiverse community.

Online activity club for young adults with diverse needs and challenges.

n the past few years, IIF has established itself as a renowned name in the disability sector by providing a wide range of services catering to individuals with different diagnoses and varied age groups. Their team of therapists and educators is dedicated to leveraging the potential of each individual who comes to us & is constantly working towards finding new & innovative ways to engage them & help them become the best versions of themselves.

An effort to empower and add value in special need parental journey. 


Dedicated to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, parents , siblings & caregivers .

Support Us
extra childrens book down syndrome

Here are a few ways in which you can support our movement for child-led inclusion-
- Sponsor a group of or individual neurodiverse child/ young adult to be mentored and see their ideas published as a book/anthology
-Sponsor our globally acclaimed books for schools/libraries
Reach us at +91 76191 27444 or to know more.

And please don’t forget to gift a copy of our globally acclaimed books to a child in your life-Not That Different Comic book on Autism and Extra on Down Syndrome.

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