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How I met my best friend| Poem by Ishani, 11, Kolkata

How did you meet your best friend? 11-year-old Ishani from Kolkata shares a lovely poem on how she met hers.

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At first glance we were not friends

More like enemies to an end

But my mother liked her a lot

So a new ‘friend’ I got


We had to somehow manage

But it was a huge disadvantage

That our parents met every week

So soon our hatred was antique


Once we found something to talk about

Once we started, we just couldn’t stop

Our hatred was long behind us

I didn’t remember why we made such a fuss



So over time we became great friends

From enemies to sisters, we made amends

We became inseparable

The time we spent together was immeasurable



We had our differences, we did fight

But one look at each other, it was all right

We overcame our differences

We learnt what friendship is



And now I am grateful for that day

I’m glad I didn’t turn away

Because if I did, I never would have met you

And would have missed having a friend like you. 

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