Daanya Purohit

53 Years,
12 Years,
I am a nature enthusiast. I love to observe butterflies and moths, their life cycle and behaviour. The mysterious way in which a tiny worm turns into a dazzling flying insect, completely melting inside a case that they build by themselves, fascinate me the most. After completing the Butterflies for Beginners Certificate Course from INaturewatch Foundation, under the guidance of Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, who is known as the Butterfly Man of India, I started hand-raising caterpillars that I find inside vegetables, or eggs that are laid on wrong host plants, releasing them in the wild when they turned into butterfly or moth. Until now, I have protected and released over 100 moths and butterflies belonging to 15 different species. I believe in unban nature conservation and host online talks for children on how they can contribute to butterfly preservation from their own homes, in simple and easy ways. I also write a blog where I share my own experiences. Few of the articles I have written have been published in news magazine and sites. I am 12 years old. I home school and want to be a naturalist when I grow-up. In my free time I feed stray cats and dogs, and help in their rescue and adoption. I enjoy recycle craft, singing and art.

By Daanya

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