Avika Bhagawati

8 Years

53 Years

St Albans High School for Girls

Hertfordshire, UK

‘The song of the playground in Autumn’ Poem by 8 year old Avika Bhagawati from Hertfordshire, UK

Read with Sara poem on playground Bookosmia
This is the song of the playground.
Look, look at the bright yellow flower in the sun
The pine cone bumpy and a wonderful shade of brown.
A feather soft and silky when taken away by the wind
The nettle sticky and spikey stinging people away.
The crunchy, colourful leaves flown away by the wind.
Listen, listen to the birds chirping a happy song
The cars speeding around from here to there.
A bee buzzing around in enjoyment
Children shrieking while playing around.
The wood pigeons cooing in enjoyment while flying around.
This is the song of the playground.

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