Submit your child's story


The story must be –

an original piece of work by the child

written of their own willingness and not under any pressure from parent/school/guardian/others


The story must not be-

a copy/ heavily drawn from any content the child consumes as TV show, books, movies

a creation of the parent/ school/ guardian/others

more than 500 words

focused on using big and difficult words,



We engage with the child to further fine tune the story and it would be easy to assess if the story is an original input of the child.

We assess stories on the basis of the idea and creativity employed by the child, rather than the vocabulary, spellings and syntax.



Selected stories are digitally published by Bookosmia on their website and with other partnering organizations to maximize reach.

Each child author receives a certificate from Bookosmia and a spotlight on our website

Top 10 stories annually are physically published by Bookosmia as an anthology.


To submit your child’s story, please email us at with the following details-

Story Title, JPEG Image of the handwritten story by the child

Child’s Name, Child’s Age, Child’s School Name,

Parent’s name, Parent’s mobile no., Parents email ID, Residential City