Guidelines to submit a child’s story

Bookosmia Sara's theme for june
The story must be –
  • an original piece of work by the child
  • written of their own willingness and not under any pressure from parent/school/guardian/others



  • Story must be an original output of the child
  • Story will be assessed on the basis of the idea and creativity employed by the child, rather than the vocabulary, spellings and syntax.


The story must not be-
  • a copy/ heavily drawn from any content the child consumes as TV show, books, movies
  • a creation of the parent/ school/ guardian/others
  • more than 500 words


  • Selected stories are digitally published by Bookosmia on their website and with other partnering organizations to maximize reach.
  • Authors of selected story receive a certificate from Bookosmia
  • Authors of selected story receive a spotlight on our website and social media


To submit your child’s story, please email us at with –

  • Child’s story typed out in the body of the email or as an attachment
  • Child’s Name, Child’s Age, Child’s School Name
  • Parent’s name, Parent’s mobile no., Parents email ID, Residential City

Please allow us 2 weeks to respond back on your submission

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