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#SaraReads: Stories- The Alien Cat


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Riddhima Gurnani

Sara here, everyone. Ready for some alien mystery? Read this very creative story by 9 year old Riddhima from Gurgaon.

#SaraReads: Stories- The Alien Cat

Story: The alien cat

“Oh hey mom! You got a cat for me…I am so excited to play with her!” I said in  excitement.

“ Yeah, girl. Now you better take good care of your cat!” said my mum.

“ Sure mum but what name shall we give her?”


“Okay, wait she looks unique, almost like an alien, so we can search the net for  unique names. Is that fine, mum?” I asked my mum in curiosity.


“Sure!” shouted my mum. We got the laptop and I searched the net and it said  the name Ellen Ripley.

(After a fortnight)

You know how cats like cozying up at home? My cat Ellen used to go out to  the most crowded places which I think is not normal at all! Plus, she always looked like she had something planned, so one fine day I decided to follow her.


When I was followed her, I noticed that she slowly transforms into a  human!


I was shocked! Ellen saw me and was shocked too. After a minute, Ellen came  closer to me and told me not to be scared. She said she was an ‘ailuranthrope’, an alien species of human being that can transform into a cat. She had never  planned on being a pet before she met me.


“ Then why did you become my pet?” I asked her.


“Because I have never found a friend like you, either in the cat or the human  world. I thought you would throw me out of the house if I told you the truth,”  she said.


“Never,” I told her and gave her a warm hug. And after that Ellen and I loved  each other like siblings.

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