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#SaraReads: Story- Genie and Coronavirus


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S.V. Hariharan

Hey, Sara here! I love it when kids rethink old tales, into a current context. Dont miss this moving adaptation of a magical lamp with a genie, by 8 year old Hariharan from Chennai.

#SaraReads: Story- Genie and Coronavirus

One afternoon I was sleeping in my house. Suddenly a loud voice on the street disturbed my sleep. I heard that voice clearly. One toy seller loudly said  “Toy…Toy…!”

Immediately, I ran to my mother and asked her “Mummy..Mummy…can you please buy me a toy?”
My mother looked at me and said, “Ok! Lets buy you a toy.” I bought a Spider-Man  toy. My mother bought a lamp.


That lamp looked very different and beautiful. After that, I played with my Spider-Man toy for a long time. The lamp which my mother had bought was  very dusty. I wiped it with a cloth. Suddenly, smoke came out from that lamp. After a few seconds a big character, like a genie came out. I was scared and closed my eyes.

“Hey boss! Don’t be afraid of me. You have rubbed the magic lamp so now I am your servant,” the genie told me.

Slowly I opened my eyes, “You are like a genie ghost?” I asked him. He said he was and granted me three wishes.

In the lockdown I haven’t gone anywhere so for my first wish I said I want to go to my school.  “Come let’s go,” the genie mumbled some words…’Gee Bhoom Baah.”

Wow! The next second we were in my school! I went to my classroom and I saw my school auditorium. I played in the ground. I was very excited.

Then the genie asked me “Are you happy?” I smiled. I told him my second wish. “I want to go to my dear friend Siddarth’s home.”

Again the genie said “OK Boss! “Gee Bhoom Baah,” and I was at Siddarth’s home! We played a lot till it was time to go home. The genie now asked what was my final wish.

“Can you destroy this terrible corona virus from this world?” I asked him. The genie laughed aloud. “Boss I don’t have that power. People should wear mask, wash hands frequently and maintain social distance. Then only it’s possible.”

“Ok. Tell me your last wish,” he insisted.

“I wish that you become free and not stay trapped inside a lamp,” I told him. He was so  shocked. “Gee Bhoom Baah,” he said and began to fly out happily.

I realized even magic cannot protect us from coronavirus, only following the  rules can.

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  • Ramya Suresh


  • Diyadharshini

    I have read the story hariharan . It was so nice.

  • Wafiya Parpia

    Excellent Hariharan u have a very good talent dear awesome I hope u achieve more dear,All the very best Hariharan

    From:Wafiya Parpia 7F

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