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Things I’ll Never Do- Read Poem with Sara #SaraReads

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Nirav Prakash

Hey everyone, Sara here! This cute little poem by 8 year old Nirav from Kolkata is the best thing to start your day. How about you make a list of things you will never do, as well? I am on it.

Things I’ll Never Do- Read Poem with Sara #SaraReads

This is a poem about things I’ll never do
I wrote it just for me,
It talks about things in my life
The things which are only for me.


I never forget to do my work
Cause I love to learn new things,
And when I go to the park
I never forget to play on swings.


I’ll never forget about my bonsais
I water them everyday,
I asked the guard to take care of them
When I went to Bombay.


I’ll never hurt my brother
I love him so dearly,
At first he gives a naughty smile
But shares his toys cheerfully.


I’ll never forget to greet my father,
He loves my this particular habit,
And every time he prepares a snack,
I always run and grab it.

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