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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Know your strength and assess your weakness


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Kanishkaa Shah

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here.Do you think an 11 year old can make us all think about why we should be grateful during this period? Kanishka from Vadodara will convince you. Read on.

#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Know your strength and assess your weakness

Quarantine. What could be good about it? Sitting at home all day long. But that doesn’t mean we lose hope. Yes, Corona virus has put us under a heavy lock-down which wont stop extending. But should we really look at it that way?


There are many questions. How did this happen? When will this stop? When can we go back to school, etc.? But on the brighter side, I get a lot of time with my family and goofing off with my friends and cousins on video call. My  brother is my company too. Lately, I have not had as much homework, so I can spend more time with him and enjoy baking with my mom. I am grateful that now every night, is a family game night with a new and exciting game every day.  This lock-down has given me time to do things I love doing. Like  sketching and painting. 


There are millions of people in the world who are getting this disease and many of them are dying every day. But what about the others? Do we even care that they survive? Mostly no. We also know that many poor people in our country have borne the brunt of this lock-down even though they have not got Covid. Instead they have lost their jobs and even a roof over their heads. 


In such a hard time, I can only feel grateful to be in the safety and well being of my family and my heart goes out to those poor people. The biggest lesson that we learn through Corona-virus is to cherish our loved ones and protect mother earth.


I am also grateful that this lock-down has taken my mind off studying for exams and now I can put my mind towards other things, like reading every book that I have. In a way, lock-down helps you to know your strengths and assess your weaknesses. All these lovely moments and realizations sum up my gratitude during Covid. It only furthers my optimism and wish of a bright future that lies ahead of me and my world.

6 Replies to “#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Know your strength and assess your weakness”

  • Shrivatsan Iyengar

    Beautiful 😘

  • Preya Shah

    So nicely written ❣️

  • Mausam Patel

    Super girl!!
    Gratitude ❤️

  • Kanchan Joshi

    This is just fabulous. Great Job my dear. We are indeed proud of you.

    • Kanishkaa Shah

      Thank you ma’am.

  • Rakesh

    Great 👍

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