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Read with Sara: Story- The Adventures of Little Rabbit


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Rakshit Balaji

Hello friends, Sara here! Here is a simple yet important tale from 9 year old Rakshit from Chennai that tells us to move on from our setbacks and discover life as new every day. We will finally find happiness.

Read with Sara: Story- The Adventures of Little Rabbit

Once a small rabbit was playing in the forest. Then a hunter came and caught  it. Instead of eating it, he sold it to a rich family in London.


The family had a  small boy who loved the rabbit. He took good care of it and  named him “Little Rabbit”. When the boy grew up, he did not take care of it. He also did not give food to it. Soon little rabbit got fed up and so it ran to the  near by woodlands and made a burrow.


One day while looking for food, he saw a small mouse eating some dust from  the ground. Little Rabbit found it funny and she laughed, the mouse asked, “Who laughed?” It seemed angry. “I did,” stammered the little rabbit, scared.

Then the mouse saw the rabbit and said, “Sorry to scare you. I thought you  were the old, mean vulture! ” Little Rabbit asked who that was. The mouse pointed his hand at the old sleeping vulture.


“Anyway, my name is Rabby the Mouse, and what is your name? Let us meet later. I am busy,” said Rabby. A little later the rabbit lost his way and found a small mouse house. When he knocked the door, it was his friend Rabby.


Rabby invited him in. Little Rabbit told his story to his friend mouse, Rabby who asked Little Rabbit to live with him. They were both very happy.


Few months later, Little Rabbit had learnt every part of the woods and was quite  happy with his friend in the woods. Suddenly a question struck his mind. Why do we live so close the mean old vulture, he might eat us? His friend Rabby said that the old mean vulture could not even fly.


One day the rabbit went food hunting.That is when the mean old vulture flew  suddenly and came and ate Rabby. When the rabbit returned home with some food, he was shocked to see that Rabby was missing! He asked all his animal friends about Rabbi? Then he asked the mean old vulture if he had seen Rabby? The vulture laughed and said, “I ate Rabby!”

“But I thought you can’t even fly?”

“I was just pretending all this while so that I can eat Rabby when he is very fat
and juicy, and now I am going to eat you. ”


For a long time, the mean old vulture chased Little Rabbit but could not catch  him. After a point Little Rabbit went inside a burrow and when he came out, he had reached a beautiful meadow! In the meadow Little Rabbit found a new  friend called Birdie. Birdie was a finch. After a few days Birdie laid some eggs.


The eggs hatched and the little birds started flying soon. Now it was time for  the Birdie to get back to the farm where it lived. This time it took his friend Little Rabbit along with him and Little Rabbit lived
happily ever after.

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  • Sriram

    Fantastic Rakshit. Nice story.

  • Prabhu

    Great story, Rakshit! Well done!!

  • Srikanth Iyer

    Circle of life.. Nicely written.

    Well done Rakshit

  • Saravanan

    Wonderful story Rakshit!

  • Mukunth

    Nice Story, RAKSHIT

  • Tina

    Rakshit.. this is a beautifully narrated story. Enjoyed reading it!

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