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Read with Sara: Story-Morro, the alien

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Y. Jeyan

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. Aliens may or may not be visiting our planet, but they are certainly visiting every child’s imagination. Here is a lovely story by 8 year old Y. Jeyan from Hyderabad, talking about how people from different planets can help each other. Then why cant we help those who co-inhabit the earth with us!

Read with Sara: Story-Morro, the alien

There was once a boy named Tom. One night when he was sleeping, he heard  a voice. He woke up frightened and asked, “Who’s there?” Then the voice said, “I’m from another planet.”

Tom immediately replied, “Then you must be an A – L- I- E- N !!!”

The voice replied, “Yes, you are right”.

“I am Tom. What is your name?” asked Tom.

The voice replied, “I’m Morro.”

Tom then said, “Fine, now I’m going to sleep.” and saying that Tom slept.

The next morning when he woke up, he found the alien sleeping next to him.

Tom screamed “Aahhhhh !!!!”

He slipped and fell from his bed. Hearing Tom scream, his mother asked, “Tom, what happened? Why did you scream?”

Tom said, “Nothing mom! Just a nightmare”.

His mother asked him to get ready for school. That day, when Tom went to  school, he was wondering what could the name of Morro’s planet be? He could not wait to get back home to talk with Morro. When the school bell rang, Tom rushed home right away.

He immediately went upstairs to his room and found that Morro was missing. Tom thought, “Morro must have gone looking for his UFO.”

Just then, Tom saw something resembling a UFO on a mountain near his  house. Tom quickly rushed downstairs and went to the mountain. He found Morro and his UFO. Tom said, “So your UFO crashed.” Morro replied, “Yes, Tom”.

Tom asked, “What’s the name of your planet, Morro?”

“My planet’s name is Kotukooko,” replied Morro.

Tom burst into laughter and said, “It is very funny”.

Tom asked Morro, “How did you crash land on our planet?”

Morro replied, “I wanted to meet my friend Bozo who lives on Planet Alpha- Alpha. I crash landed on your planet last night. In the dark, I somehow managed to reach your house.” Tom promised to help Morro to fix his UFO. So, Morro and Tom fixed the UFO after hours of hard work.

Finally, Morro thanked Tom, bid good bye to him and left on his UFO happily to meet his friend Bozo.


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