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Read with Sara: Story- Going or Not?

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Bhavya Raman

Hello folks. Your friend Sara here! Here is an exciting story from 11 year old Bhavya from Belmont, California. Will she or wont she make that trip to her cousins? She has got us all rooting for her! Read this wonderfully engaging story. 

Read with Sara: Story- Going or Not?

Saturday morning, while studying…
shuffle , shuffle

“Where are you going Aditi?” I asked.
“Shhh!” she said.

I turned and continued studying. She came back, glanced at her work for 0.5  seconds, then looked at me.

“Okay. Don’t get your hopes high, but I just heard Amma and Appa. I think we  might be visiting our cousins in Seattle,” she said in almost a whisper.
“Are you sure?” I questioned.
“Appa was talking about packing food and how it can spoil during the long  drive. I think it’s a surprise!”

“You think? You really think we are going to drive this time?”

We went back to studying with a smile plastered on our faces. Our hopes were  high. Exactly what we did not want.

Summer had started, and I was bored. The ultimate cure for my boredom was  to meet Sanjana and Diya, our cousins. Could they know anything about this?  The only way to find out was to call them. So I did.
“Hi Anu!!!” they exclaimed.
“Hi Diya! Hi Sanjana! It’s been some time!! How are you both?” I asked. I was  paying attention to every word they said, curious to see if they knew anything.

Sanjana went on talking about how she wishes she could see Aditi and me.  Hearing this I concluded that they knew nothing. During the call I remembered  it was Diya’s birthday this weekend!! Could it be why we might go and surprise her?

A few days went by and all I could think about was meeting our cousins and surprising Diya on her birthday. Cousins are like siblings who are always there  for you. Diya is definitely one of my ‘bffs’. I would love to surprise her and hope  that it is in person.


My guess was we are leaving on Friday, but it’s already Thursday!! No bags  have been set out for packing yet. What’s going on? Why are we not packing  yet? I cannot even ask my parents because it’s supposed to be a surprise. I knew I should not have gotten my hopes high. Maybe I got too excited.

Maybe Aditi was wrong. Maybe we truly aren’t going.

As the day carries on, I can’t help but get the feeling that we may not be going.  Apparently my sister has some music competition on Saturday and we are  playing tennis this weekend, so I had basically given up on the fact that we will  go.

On Friday morning Amma called Aditi and I to come downstairs. When we  came downstairs there were suitcases on the ground!

My parents said,“We are leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning!! Let’s start packing!”

“Yes! Yes!” Aditi screamed.

“Yay! We are meeting our cousins!” I squealed. It was finally happening right  when I lost hope.We will have so much fun on Diya’s birthday.

The best part about all of this is that Sanjana and Diya have no clue about any  of this. I can hardly wait.

Cousins, be ready, here we come!

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