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#SaraReads: Poem- I Wonder

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Mark Gonsalves

Hey friends, Sara here. I am amazed by the writing talent displayed by 6 year old Mark from Ahmedabad, in pulling together this beautiful poem.

#SaraReads: Poem- I Wonder

I Wonder …

I wonder if I’m in a story that someone is reading
I’m thinking of this as my breakfast I’m eating

I wonder why is our life happening right now
But I like it so much that I say- WOW!

I wonder if I will be able to make a good decision
I just feel like that, I don’t have a reason

I wonder why the world is so good
And this makes my mood good

But I wonder why isn’t the whole world a family
So we could all love and live happily

I wonder why people are dying
And I say this while I’m crying

I wonder why we don’t grow old everyday
Then everyday would be our birthday

I wonder why can’t I be in my own painting
For that day I’m waiting

Why can’t I ride anything like a shark
I also wonder why is my name Mark

I wonder why the characters I watch are not real
Why are they only stuck in the serial

I wonder why are cheetah’s fast
Do they ever come last?

Why do plants take so many years to grow?
I don’t know, Do you know?

Why aren’t there superheroes to save our earth
I’ll wonder later, first let me eat my yogurt.

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