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Ghost Buster – The Girl With The Special Power | Bookosmia

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Hey friends! Sara, here. 6 year old Siyona, a Bookosmian from Bangalore pens a spooky tale of how she tackled a ghost when she was all alone at home. Get this, she even had a superpower to help her along!
Siyona is a student of Merry Go Learn and goes to The Brigade School.

Ghost Buster – The Girl With The Special Power | Bookosmia

It was a stormy, Saturday night. The clouds were thick and dark. The trees were making weird, scary noises and they were dancing.

The wind was screaming, “Awooooo.”


Ghost buster - The girl with the special power


I was alone at my house that night. My parents were not at home. They had night shifts at their workplaces.

I was playing with my best friend, my toy llama, Jenny. She was the sweetest toy and her body was coloured in pink, yellow and blue.

Everything was going smooth but then suddenly, I heard a loud bang on my door. I was very scared.


Ghost buster - The girl with the special power


I opened the door and found nobody. As I was playing with my toy llama, the door burst open. A ghost had entered my house! I quickly covered myself with my blanket and held my llama close to me, hoping that the ghost wouldn’t find me there.

I am not sure how to describe the ghost but she was weird looking. What if she attacked me? Thankfully, I had been blessed with a special power that I could use only once.

The power was that my toy gun could turn into a very powerful gun during a dangerous time. So I used this power. I took my toy gun from the cupboard and cast a spell. It got converted into a super gun.

Ghost buster - The girl with the special power


I bravely went to face the ghost. I aimed the gun and the ghost got very scared and disappeared. Gold and silvery lights came from the sky and I knew it was gone for good.

After some time, my parents came home. I told them everything that had happened. They were very shocked and hugged me. They said, “Siyona, we will never leave you alone in this house.”

I thanked God for giving me the special power but was happier that I had the courage to stand up to a ghost.

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