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An Ode to Teachers teaching online- Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Suhani Kothari

Sara here, friends! On Teacher’s Day this year, it is even more important to appreciate our knowledge-givers for taking the challenge of online teaching. Their familiar voice has reassured us through all the disruptions in the new learning environment, as very beautifully shared by Suhani Kothari from Kolkata

An Ode to Teachers teaching online- Poem

5 months ago, we were told,
“Charge your computer and fix your WIFI.”
The concept of going to school was suddenly old,
In online learning, our future now lied.


Our young brains were full of a thousand questions,
In times of peril, the answers lay in our teachers’ minds.
They asked us to look at the screen and pay attention.
But, we were busy, finding answers on the internet for the tests assigned.


Over the past months, they held our hand and became our guide,
They faced the challenge of engaging us through ppts.
They prioritized checking our tests, and kept their sleep schedule aside,
Online classes have made them very busy, but to clear our doubts, they are  always free.


We never appreciate them well enough,
They showed us what dedication means, and inspired us through online  screens.

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