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‘A kingfisher named Lucy’ Story by 8 year old Dia Nanavati from Ahmedabad

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Dia Nanavati

Hello good people, Sara here! Finding normal life too boring? Launch into imagination with this creative story by 8 year old Dia Nanavati from Ahmedabad.


Dia is a student of Anandniketan Satellite,Ahmedabad.

‘A kingfisher named Lucy’ Story by 8 year old Dia Nanavati from Ahmedabad

Once upon a time in a forest called Congo, there was a Kingfisher named Lucy. She was the smartest kingfisher in the forest. Her friend was a hedgehog called Hosko. One day Lucy and Hosko went to play in the forest. While they were playing, it started getting dark and they got lost.


Hosko said, “We are lost and we don’t know where to go!” Lucy said, “Don’t worry, we will think of something.”


Suddenly they saw something sparkle like a star on the ground. Lucy picked it up to see what it was and realized it was a magic mirror. “Oh wow!” exclaimed Lucy. “Maybe we can use this magic mirror to home!”, said Lucy. But how?

Suddenly the mirror sparkled and a unicorn came out of it! The unicorn said it was sent by the magic mirror’s fairy God mother. Lucy and Hosko sat on the unicorn and reached home. They were tired so they went to sleep.

Another one of Lucy’s friends Sammy the parrot was passing by when he saw something strange on Lucy’s window. He peeked through Lucy’s window and saw a unicorn! He woke Lucy up excitedly and said, “Why is there a unicorn in your room?”.

Lucy said in a sleepy voice, “How will I know? Let’s ask the unicorn what she is doing here.”


The unicorn told Lucy, “My name is Holly and I’ve come to help you become the smartest kingfisher in the forest.” Lucy was thrilled until she realized, she already was the smartest kingfisher in the forest!



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