Harry Potter Weekly Club- Book 1 Onwards

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Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then hop onto this book club with a difference- Meet fellow fans, enjoy activities, write your own spells and script, design and get published!

Overview of the club: In this club, students will get more familiar with the key concepts of Harry Potter and be able to use their own imagination and creativity to complete writing-based and design based creative activities.  Students will be made to do language-based  activities modeled on the first book of HP.

The module will include quizzes, making spells, getting sorted into respective (Hogwarts) houses, making time-tables, writing poems, creating your own dialogues and designs and engaging in conversations (in the form of debates) on topics relating to Harry Potter.

Learning goals: Understanding fantasy fiction, the characters of HP, application of critical thinking skills to engage in design, written as well as verbal activities.

At the end of the workshop students will be able to:

  • Understand Fantasy fiction as a genre
  • Learn HP vocabulary
  • Write poems and dialogues
  • Create designs/illustrations
  • Talk/present your ideas to a larger audience
  • See your ideas published in an eBook by Bookosmia


Trainers profile:

Nilova Bose has a master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta and a B.ed degree from
Wbuttepa. She has been teaching children, teenagers, and young adults for the past seven years. Apart from being involved with
Word Munchers for two years, she also teaches at other online platforms. She is a massive Harry Potter buff who likes to draw
HP references from the books at every opportunity and conducts workshops on it for several institutions. Besides teaching, she is
also an Indian classical dancer, a travel enthusiast who greatly values the environment and its animals.

Aayushi Yadav is the illustrator of 120+ children’s stories, creator of the ‘Not That Different’ Comic Strip and an alumni of NIFT, Bangalore. She has conducted multiple workshops for kids to teach them illustration.

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