‘I Wish I Were’ Gift Set

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I Wish I Were Reading Gift Set Bookosmia

A perfect gift set for every child (ideal for 2- 8 years) containing-

  1. A picture book on timeless Indian folklore, with stunning illustrations by Parvati Pillai ( globally acclaimed for her Indian quirky designs at Chumbak). Read this beloved Indian folktale retold in a contemporary context by Nidhi Mishra, to help your child realize that we are the best version of ourselves.
  2. Jigsaw puzzle- a beautiful puzzle to get your little one into problem solving 🙂
  3. Colouring book– a story based colouring book to get your child’s creativity rolling
  4. Keepsake box -a beautiful box with magnetic locking, to keeping all contents safely within



I Wish I Were Reading Gift Set for kids

Read the story of an inquisitive young girl and a crow who take an exciting journey together and learn that while we may feel inadequate or envious of others at times, we can find a lot to be thankful for.

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