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About Sara

Sara is our young ‘Drama Athlete.’ She loves sports and she loves drama, which makes her the perfect storyteller. Come know her better!

Sara chats

Sara sometimes hangs out with cooler, older people who seem to have a lot of answers on life. Read more ..

Sara in the news

Sara is India's first female, sports-loving storyteller. Bye bye barbies and is a girl who loves her sport and loves her drama...catch her in the news....

Sara's sports stories

Sara is the perfect person to hang out with when the big sporting events like T20 and Olympics happen. But she is also one who enjoys mulling over sports and its stories when it is quiet.

Women's T20

Bookosmia's 10 year old 'Drama Athlete' Sara loves sports. She is extremely excited to see the Indian Women's Team march on to T20 World Cup Final and brings in lots of news, puzzles, interviews and dramatic stories for kids #cricketforkids