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Word Activities with Sara #9 Limericks- “When you came to my hut,” by Arnika, 7, Netherlands

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Hey everyone, Sara here!  Time for some fun with words. Do you know what a limerick is? It is a humorous  poem with five lines, the first two lines have the same final sound as the last line. You might think it is easy, but it is one hard nut to crack!

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Today, I bring to you this wonderful bit by 7 year old Arnika Jain from Almere, Netherlands. She is a student of International Primary School, Almere , Netherlands.



When you came to my hut

I closed the door shut.

We became writers,

Then became painters.

Time for you to go back home, and eat a nut.

Want to try? Send me your limericks/haiku/ idiom stories- anything fun with words at with your name, age, city, parents contact no. photo and a few lines about yourself.

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