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“What a spooky, spooky night” Halloween Poem by 9 year old Arunava Sengupta from Delhi

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Happy festivities everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations throughout the country! Wrapping up Durga Pooja/ Dusshera , now we have Halloween, a big hit with kids!


This time, it will be a different Halloween, being locked in and with social distancing. But we have friends who can spook us out, with their stories and poems! 9 year old Arunava Sengupta from Delhi, is doing just that. All set?

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Arunava Sengupta enjoys reading books, painting, singing, playing cricket,  badminton, cycling and watching TV. He goes to Manava Bharati India International School, Delhi and is a student of Jabberwocky Speech and Drama



On a dark and spooky night,
This day, everyone gets a FRIGHT!!
Your lights are blinking, is it a shock?
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night.

A little rumble, a little creak
Your muscles are missing! You are weak!
A light is shining , it is so very bright
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night!

Your door is banging! Somebody’s knocking!
Your lock is stuck, preventing you from opening!
A log was brought! The door was down!
Why it was me, dressed as a hound!

“Mom!” I said. “I loved the outing!”
“Now I’ll go to bed.
Tomorrow is Halloween! I need some rest.”


So he slept. His mask was beside him.
He’ll be bright the next day. Not dim.


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18 Replies to ““What a spooky, spooky night” Halloween Poem by 9 year old Arunava Sengupta from Delhi”

  • Subrata Chanda

    Very nice👌

  • Excellent keep it up

  • Sanjaya

    Very very nice poem in the tinny age. I loved it your style of writing. God bless you

  • Rupak Roy

    Excellent Arunav.. Keep On Going

  • Reshmi Sengupta

    Very nice 👍

  • Sanjeev

    Very good!

  • Saurav Anand

    Excellent! Best wishes to Arunava!

  • Rajesh

    Beautiful and creatively expressed in a poetic form at such a tender age is wonderful. All the best wishes.

  • Gunjan Bhattacharyya

    That was super. Excellent. Keep it up …


    Very good

  • Surbhi Arora

    Tats awsome Arunava. Keep it up.

  • Namrata Banerjee

    Well done my boy…God bless…beautifully presented ❤

  • Papia Goon

    Very nice

  • Pramod

    Hai Arunava,
    Nice lines, good rhymes and loved the ending.

  • Manjunathgouda Patil


  • Arindam Sengupta

    This totally awesome!

  • Sonali Sengupta

    Great poem Arunava, best of luck.

  • Amit Kumar Sengupta

    Great job Arunava

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