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#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #16- Meeting a Lion

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here with a  beautiful story by 6 year old Aarohee More from Mumbai.  What can you do when faced with an invincible  opponent? Just wait it out. Patience is the answer, whether Lion or even Coronavirus?



#Sara'sActivities Tangram STEM for kids stories for kids BookosmiaOnce a family of parents and 2 girls went to the jungle for a safari. While they  were sitting under their tree house and enjoying their meal, suddenly a lion appeared. The lion was very hungry and wanted to eat them up.

As soon as the lion started approaching them they immediately climbed the
tree and went into their tree house and locked themselves up. The lion waited for a very long time for the family to come down but was unsuccessful.

Finally, due to hunger he left from there to search for another prey. The family seeing the lion leaving, came down from their tree house, sat in their jeep and returned home safely.

Aarohee More, 6, Mumbai

3 Replies to “#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #16- Meeting a Lion”

  • Sandesh

    Good job , you tiny , keep it up

  • Nilima Palav

    Amazing little wonder

  • Mansi

    Well done baccha…Keep it up

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