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#SaraReads: Story- The girl who could not stop smiling

Mira Sharat no comments

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! We have all been told at times to smile more and not be grumpy. But have you ever heard of someone who was pulled up for smiling a lot? Read this creative story by 8 year old Mira from Bangalore to find out


#SaraReads: Poem- Orange

Aaisha Jhunjhunwala no comments

Hey, Sara here everyone! We have often read poems about colours  but I have never seen a young poet take to the colour Orange!

Read this upbeat poem by 8 year old Aaisha from Kolkata.


#SaraReads: Story- What if Nature talks

Sanjith D no comments

Sara here, friends! Today on International Environment Day , 9 year old Sanjith from Chennai writes to us with this important conversation between a forest and a young boy.


#SaraReads: Poem- Scary Wind

Harshika Agarwal no comments

Hey everyone. Sara here! As so many of us are worried about our friends and families affected by the cyclone, 7 year old friend Harshika from Kolkata writes a very real account of living through it. Read on.


#SaraReads: Essay- Parents

Sarthak 3 comments

Hello everyone. Sara here! Read this simple essay by 7 year old Sarthak from Gurgaon, very nicely summing up how are parents are there for us, every day and in every way.

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