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#SaraReads: Poem- Body Shaming and the beauty within

Suhani Kothari no comments

Hey everyone. Sara here, your new best friend. Too short, thin, fat, tall..the list goes on. We all have experienced body shaming some time or the other. This touching piece by 15 year old Suhani is a wonderful to change that and look at the beauty within.



#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: A strange wait

Sanyukta Lokhande no comments

Hi there. I am back again, your best friend Sara. 16 year old Sanyukta from Vadodara shares this beautiful poem and we all will dive in its depth with here. As we all wait to meet our favourite people and go to our favourite places, there is so much to absorb and observe in this period.


#HappyEid #SaraReads: Poem-Eid Mubarak. Together we all can be!

Aadya Kheria no comments

Hey everyone! Sara here, happy Eid to all of you! Read this beautiful poem by Aadya Kheria and you will realize how much the world can learn from an 8 year old. Together we all can be!


#Happy Eid #SaraReads: Eid is happiness

Ibrahim Abdulkader 3 comments

Happy Eid everyone! Your best friend Sara here. In the middle of all the lock-down monotony, here comes Eid. Read this beautiful poem about beautiful Eid by 9 year old Ibrahim.


#SaraReads: A call of the wild

Neha Mahesh no comments
#SaraReads: A call of the wild

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. We read all the time about the need to save tigers and other endangered species. Often we read about it and forget, not giving it another thought. 12 year old Neha Mahesh from Chennai showed us why we should care, through this emotional story.

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