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Meeting A Tiger And Sloth Bear At Kabini Safari | Bookosmia

Meeting a tiger and sloth bear at Kabini Safari

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Travel review by Yohaan MardaWondering where to go for your vacations? 11 year old Yohaan Marda, a Bookosmian from Kohlapur, knows the perfect place for a nature lover – the wildlife safari at Kabini, Karnataka. Have you also been to a safari? Tell us!

Yohaan is a student of Tale Spin and goes to Doon School.



I was six when we saw this magnificent sloth bear with her cubs. We actually had stopped there to see a Brahminy kite. But out of nowhere, the sloth bear turned up.

Meeting a tiger and sloth bear at Kabini Safari
It was an amazing moment and the first time I had ever seen a sloth bear. Seeing the sloth bear with her cubs was very rare because sloth bears are shy animals and tend not to bring their cubs out so much.
As we were seeing the sloth bear, the guide yelled “Tiger! Tiger!’
We all looked around and there she was! We all got so excited. Then as soon as the tiger saw the sloth bear she went charging towards the sloth bear.
Meeting a tiger and sloth bear at Kabini Safari

This trip to Kabini was a family trip and about 55 of us went. Kabini is a wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, about 200 kms from Bangalore. It is an amazing place for a nature lover with activities like safari, trekking, boating and plenty of animals and birds to see.

Meeting a tiger and sloth bear at Kabini Safari
We did not expect much when we booked the safari but we were lucky to see these majestic animals. At the time I thought seeing a sloth bear is not a big deal.  I thought it was a common animal but how wrong was I!


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