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सुनिये हिंदी में कहानी, Sara के साथ #HindiDiwas #Inclusion #Disability

Nutan Chaturvedi
सुनिये हिंदी में कहानी, Sara के साथ #HindiDiwas #Inclusion #Disability


Sara here, everyone. Happy Hindi Diwas!

Here is a beautiful story in Hindi on ‘inclusion’,  perfect for children to accept and respect differences!

Story- Nutan Chaturvedi,  Animation- Anukriti  Chaturvedi

Hindi Diwas Listen Story with Sara Bookosmia

हिंदी दिवस की शुभकामनाएं!

सुनिए हिंदी में कहानी, Sara के साथ

कहानी- नूतन चतुर्वेदी
एनीमेशन- अनुकृति चतुर्वेदी

#SaraListens: Ismat’s Eid in English ( Best suited for age 4+)

Happy Eid everyone! Your new best friend Sara here, with a beautiful story Ismat’s Eid that will make you join in the spirit of giving

Ismat, the shoemaker, is content with what he has and decides to buy gifts for everyone in his family on the occasion of Eid. The shopkeeper convinces him to buy something for himself too and so he does but the trousers are four fingers too long. Do the trousers ever fit him? Watch this hilarious and well loved Turkish tale for a good laugh and to understand the true spirit of Eid. 🙂
Credits- NutSpace Edtech  Story- Tulika publishers

#SaraListens: A musical journey to meet Tenali Rama (Best suited for age 2- 7 years)

Meera Barath- Mayaakatha Meera Barath- Mayaakatha

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. Today I have taken a ticket to a very musical ride with Meera Aunty of Mayaakatha on an adventure to Tenali Rama. Join me, wont you?

Do tell me what you liked the best about this story and I will share it further with all my friends on social media.

#SaraListens: Retelling of Corona Times to kids (English, Best suited for age 5+)

Hey everyone, there is corona talk everywhere now. But what about the future?  “Why did it take a virus to bring people together,” – A dad answers the top question on every child’s mind in the most beautiful manner.

Must-watch for everyone! #gratitudeduringcovid #SaraListens

Credit :

#SaraListens: Velveteen Rabbit (English, Best for age 5+)

Vasundhara Bahuguna Vasundhara Bahuguna

Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here. Listening in today to The Velveteen Rabbit (or How Toys Become Real) written by Margery Williams.It chronicles the story of a stuffed rabbit’s desire to become real through the love of his owner.

Do you have a favourite toy that feels more like a friend? Or are you an older kid who sometimes longs for the comfort of an old forgotten soft toy?

Tell me all about it in the comments section below or write to me at and I would love to share it further on my social media pages

#SaraListens: Blending in of Satyajit Ray, Sukumar Ray and Aparna Sen (English, Bengali,Best for age 5+)

Aparna Sen

For all the wonderful kids(and parents) from Kolkata who have been pouring in their messages to me through the lockdown. And for everyone else too, this is a literary combination you mustn’t miss-

Celebrating Ray, both Satyajit on his birthday and father Sukumar Ray. A special reading by the inimitable Aparna Sen. She brings alive Ray Sir’s Gonf Churi as well as the translation by Satyajit Ray!

Credits: Kolkata Literary Meet

#Saralistens: Tees Maar Khan (Best suited for age 8-99 years)

Vasundhara Bahuguna

Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here. Listening in today to this popular Indian folktale ‘Tees Maar Khan’ by the amazing storyteller Vasundhara Bahuguna. Is bravery only in fighting physically? Find out here. #saralistens #storiesforkids Tell me what you think at or in the comments here.

#Sarasays: Situ and the Thieves ( Best suited for age 2-7 years)

Valentina Trivedi Valentina Trivedi

Hey. Sara here, your new best friend who loves stories. Even sharing her favourite ones with her little friends.

Here is the story of Situ, wife of an incompetent barber. With no clients left, she sends him off to the king to beg. Her husband goofs up there too but Situ has found a solution where everyone else sees a problem. Listen to this charming Indian tale by Bookosmia to find out how she changes their lives with her intelligence.

#Saralistens: Udhaar ki akal (best suited for age 8-99 years)

Vasundhara Bahuguna Vasundhara Bahuguna

Hey. Sara here, your new best friend who loves stories. Telling as well as listening to them.So I tune in to listen to brilliant storyteller Vasundhara Bahuguna tell a folktale from Uttarakhand by Govind Chatak. Tell me if you were grinning through it or not.

For everyone who gives us a list of do’s and dont’s, this humorous tale is for you. We need to understand and learn, not memorize and repeat 🙂


#Saralistens: Giraftari (Best suited for age 8-99 years)

Valentina Trivedi

Hey, Sara here, your story-loving friend. Telling as well as listening to them. For some of her favourite classics she turns to renowned storyteller Valentina Trivedi. Come join her as Sara listens to Giraftari, a great Hindi translation of an O’Henry Classic- The Cop and the Anthem. Can you think of any reason why someone would WANT to get arrested? Find out in the story.

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