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Just Add Magic | Book review by Pooja,15, Chennai

Delicious food and magic? We’re sold! So is 15 year-old Pooja from Chennai who shares this review of Cindy Callaghan’s book ‘Just Add Magic’.

Just Add Magic Book Review Kids Bookosmia

The reason why I bought the book is that I love cooking, and the idea of magic spices also added to the interest.

In this book, three girls Kelly Quinn, Darbie and Hannah, who are best friends, love cooking together. One day, they find a cookbook in a storage room. However, they don’t know that it is a magical cookbook and they become its three protectors. The protectors’ work is to solve a magical mystery and save Kelly’s grandmother, who is under a spell and curse.

In their childhood Kelly’s grandma and her two friends were the protectors, and her two friends, “Mama P” & “Ms. Silvers”  had cursed each other for using the book for evil reasons! Coming to the book, if Kelly, Darbie and Hannah cook the dish with the help of the magical spices and if they eat the dish, it means that they have been put under a spell.

What happens next? Do read to find out!

The most interesting character is Darbie. I love her attitude and sense of humour, and according to the book she is a good protector. My learning from this book was that magic is real and useful only if it goes to the right hands.

My rating of the book is 5/5. Best for ages 8+

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  1. Hey Pooja, your review made me curious to read this book. Just like you, I too love cooking and now I am excited to find the’ magic’:)keep writing

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