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‘I woke up with joy, screaming it’s Diwali’Poem by 6 year old Shivansh Agarwal from Kolkata

Diwali poems for kids by kids Bookosmia Festival with Sara

Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Deepavali, Children’s Day and a long weekend, how can we let festivities get over so quickly!


Here is 6 year old Shivansh Agarwal from Kolkata talking about how his Diwali day was.

Read Diwali poem with Sara by Shivansh Kolkata Bookosmia


Shivansh is a student of Word Munchers.




I woke up with joy, screaming it’s Diwali!
Received so many greetings, sweetmeats and chocolates.

Many relatives came to celebrate this joyful day.
Some friends came too, to eat and play.
Around the deity, we all gathered to pray.

Oh! I am feeling so ecstatic that it is Diwali.
Our building was decorated with flowers and bright lights.
We made rangoli with petals and coloured sand.

Rocket flew high up in the sky.
We burst so many crackers, that a baby began to cry.
The flowerpots, whirligigs and sparklers were so much fun.
Oh! I am feeling so grateful that it is Diwali.


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