Help and Support

By now you would know that we want to make a big change in children’s reading habit, but are only very new and small (tiny if you will) as a company right now. Do feel free to reach out to us if you have any of the below requirements.

Trouble personalizing the book?

Child’s name too long or a problem with any other input needed? Do write back to us at with the attached form filled out. Though we will have to take this offline, would be happy to be of as much help as we can.

Shipping outside India?

We do plan to ship outside India soon but for now, will need to charge for shipping outside India. If you would like to have our books and add ons shipped outside India right away, please write back to us on

Bulk order?

If you are looking to place bulk order, we will get back in touch with you to make it a simpler and faster process. Do write back to us at

Anything else under the sun?

We love a good chat or even an ok chat with good people. Got a suggestion, a query, a comment? Do write to us We would love to keep the conversation going.
We have pinned in a chat option on the bottom right hand corner of our Website and are also available on our Facebook Page Messenger (add link)