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Happy Onam! – Poem by 11 year old Aparna Rajesh from Sharjah

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here…Holi, Onam, Eid, Durga Pooja, Christmas…the festivals are endless and pep us up, in the dullest of times!



Happy Onam! Lets tap into the festivities and joy of  this lovely festival.

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11 year old Aparna Rajesh from Sharjah gets all of us in the festive spirit for Onam! Lets join in the fun.

Aparna is a student of Our Own English High School, Sharjah.



Ten days of happiness, love and care
Beautiful set attires I wear
Fragrance of flowers everywhere

When this beloved festival arrive
Poverty does not thrive


The festival is Onam
The sun above the land shines with joy
We arrange different flowers in different designs and enjoy

Boat racing, Tug of war is some games played
The inviting taste comes from the sadya made

Onam comes straight from the god’s own home town
It has the power to make people smile and to erase away that frown

My family and friends happily celebrating together
All these memories always in my heart forever.


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