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Doodle Art – Circles, Spirals And Lots Of Fun | Bookosmia

Doodle art - Circles, spirals and lots of fun

Sara's Art activities for kids Bokoosmia

Hey everyone, your pal  Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section for kids.

Here I publish the works of young artists who share their beautiful work and their passion for artwork in form of a write-up!


Art with Sara Saanvi Agarwal Kolkata BookosmiaWhat’s better than masala noodle? 11 year old Saanvi Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, tells us in this cute poem and art work! So cool!
Congrats to Wings Preschool and Activity Centre for nurturing her creativity.
Doodle art - Circles, spirals and lots of fun

You know how much I love to doodle
Hmm..a little more than masala noodle

A circle that moves into a swirl
Best describes the doodle world

Spirals, packed circles, flowers galore
Each design I separately adore.

Triangles,zigzag crisscross lines
Do whatever that comes to your mind

Doodling relaxes my brain
And throws all my boredom in the drain

Doodling is my passion, it is an emotion
Someday I aspire to take it as a profession.




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