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‘Christmas Limericks’ by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Festivals with Sara christmas by kids Bookosmia
Christmas with Sara festivals for kids with Bookosmia
Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is almost here and I love the festive cheer in the air.
Here is a special combination of Christmas limericks by  8 year old Harshika Agarwal from Kolkata.
Nature with Sara birds and butterflies Harshika Kolkata Bookosmia
Harshika Agarwal goes to LaMartinere For Girls, Kolkata and is a student of Word Munchers. She is very creative and keeps herself occupied. She has different outlook towards life and can associate things with colours.  Learning to draw and put her imagination on paper, swimming and book reading is her passion. She is a very cheerful girl in all respect.

It’s time for cakes, carols and lights,
No grownups and children will fight.
Its time to spread happiness and joy,
As Santa is giving us toys.
It is a very beautiful sight.


Rudolph had a red nose,
On Christmas eve he comes in his pose.
The sleigh is loaded with goodies,
Santa is ready with his hoodie.
Its so cold, frozen are all the hose.


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