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Chocolate – A Cocoa Biscuit Memory

Chocolate - A cocoa biscuit memory

Chocolate - A cocoa biscuit memory


The box was the sort of yellow that glows from a homely hearth, as the emotional attachment to letters in the brown font made me smile.


Within it, lay the round -bottom biscuit.Covered in hues from cream caramel to deep sensual browns incomplete sentence. The essence of cocoa entwined with the warm air, evoking that part of my childhood again.


Biting into the narrow rectangle of chocolate, the perfect amount of sweet balanced with crunch, soft cocoa melted in my mouth. The scrumptious little boats of satisfaction were the love letters I received from home.


This boat was my home away from home. It was nostalgia, the first treat I got before the many debates I won. The first boost of dopamine, the first love sugar gave me. The cream embraced itself on my palates, as my mouth flooded with homesickness, and the moistness was my first encounter with lust.



Chocolate - A cocoa biscuit memory


Miraculously, it was the simplicity, that was addicting.

It was a Kookie Jar chocolate boat.

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