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“Children’s Day is a day of freedom for kids,” says 11 year old Kush Manek from Kolkata

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Woohoo! Double holidays for Deepavali and Children’s Day means double the celebration!


11 year old Kush Manek from Kolkata tells us what is the perfect celebration for every child- watching teachers perform, visit to the zoo, skipping classes, night overs and permission to bunk!

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Kush studies in South City International School. He is a gold medalist in International Karate Championship. He has qualified for the IIHM state level competition (Junior). Kush is also a mid-fielder in his school football team. He has been an anchor and a winner for his inter-house elocution competition in his school. Kush is a student of Word Munchers.



Children’s day is a day when all the children are happy because they can do  anything they want, as no one can stop them. Children’s day is like freedom for  us. On this day we get gifts from our parents, there is a special program for us in  the school etc. So today I will share how did I celebrate one such children’s day.


It was a Saturday and I had to wake up early in the morning as there was a  program in our school. When we entered the auditorium of our school it was  totally dark and all the lights were switched off. In a fraction of second, all the lights were on, speakers were blasting and our teachers were dancing on the  stage. Our school gave us chocolates.


After that my aunt took me along with my friends to a zoo. We had a lot of fun there. We ate all the junk food like chips, popcorn along with a coke. Our aunt  was telling us about different animals. Till evening we were in the zoo. We
also missed our cricket class!


Then we went for a night over at my friend’s house. We had a movie night  there. We watched Jumanji and it was so scary that it was difficult for us
to sleep at night!


The best thing about this day was  that it was weekend so we could enjoy and  stay with our friends.


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