Sara's 'Gratitude During Covid'

#SaraReads: Essay- Life has changed, but I am still happy

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Hey everyone! Sara here. Sometimes all we want is for people to keep it simple. 7 year old Rishika from Kolkata does just that, and beautifully when she says “life has changed but I am still happy.”


#SaraReads: Poem- May we never take for granted

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Hello everyone, Sara here!  A simple handshake, a roaring stadium, a breath of fresh air- all seems like a dream now, beautifully captured by 15 year old Abhipsa from Bhubhaneshwar.


#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown: Poem-Evolution

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Sara here, everyone! As we move on from lockdown, some reflection always helps. Read this lovely poem by 13 year old Palak from Vadodara on key takeaways from the lockdown. #LifeAfterLockdown


#SaraReads: Wrapping up #GratitudeDuringCovid

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. Weeks back I asked you to send me your thoughts on what you can be thankful for in my daily series #GratitudeDuringCovid. And you have amazed me with your writing, but more importantly gave me a reason to smile every day. As we wrap it up today, no better to read than Harini Mohan, Content Manager at Bookosmia who made this series possible- talking to parents, securing details of the young authors, sharing a laugh and much more..Over to you Harini.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Story- A lunch conversation with Covid

Ruja Vadher one comment

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. I love the imagination that 14 year old Ruja from Anand has, what do you think a lunch date with Covid be like? Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-The year of Corona

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. It has been a wonderful run with the lockdown poems by my little friends. As we wrap up our #GratitudeDuringCovid series, here is a wonderful poem from 14 year old Satwik on what our takeaways can be.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- We will rock the lockdown!

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Hey everyone. Sara here! Bringing you Rudra, an 8 year old music sensation from Delhi, who knows how to rock the lockdown. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Physically limited, mentally free

Mithil Gada 5 comments

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! “This lockdown is neither a punishment nor is it a captivity.”says  13 year old Mithil Gada from Vadodara. What a beautiful start! Read more.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- A letter to lockdown

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Hello everyone, Sara here. 10 year old Bhavana sends in this moving poem. We may be in lockdown but so much is not- learning, love, relationships.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- For all the people around me

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. Lets start the day with this simple yet lovely poem thanking all the people around us. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-Caged bird and humans alike

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. 10 year old Prabhgeet from Kolkata writes in this lovely poem, about how while we battle the virus by staying home, some risk going out to keep us safe everyday.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- What do the colours say?

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Hey everyone. Your friend Sara here and I bring to you this lovely poem by 10 year old Shreya from Kolkata. Wherever we are, whoever we are, there are somethings we will always have – the sky, the hills, the water… And they all speak to us through their colours. What do they say? Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-When you can’t go outside, go inside.

Vedant Bafna 5 comments

Hello everyone. Sara here and I am so glad to read this honest heartfelt piece.  Come join 15 year old Vedant in a journey inside, closer to home!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Corona corona, go away!

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! All children want to play and have fun again so our 10 year old friend Yash has invoked the power of nursery rhymes. Read on!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-Time is difficult

Vivaan Mohta 3 comments

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here.  Here is a cute little poem by 8 year old Vivaan from Kolkata. Read on!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid- Essay: Conjunction of two disasters

Mihika Mukherjee 2 comments

Hi everyone. Your best friend Sara here. Just when we thought life couldnt get tougher, the cyclone Amphan showed us we were wrong. But this uplifting message from 12 year old Mihika Mukherjee is just right. Sometimes hope is all we have and that will make a difference!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Nature having a break

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Hey everyone. Sara here. 11 year old Krishti from Delhi takes us on this lovely ride with nature. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Lets give support

Anyssa Shah 2 comments

Hey! Everyone’s best friend Sara here. Lets start the week by not just being thankful for what we have but sharing a little of that with those who dont. Thanks to 9 year old Anyssa from Mumbai for inspiring us to take action.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Children look forward to future pandemics?

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Hey everyone! Your best friend Sara here. Hope the Eid festivities are in full swing. Today I bring to you this jolting essay from 16 year old Meghna of Mumbai asking all of us to strike balance in our normal lives, once all this is over.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid:Essay-Lockdown Vs Me

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Hey there! Everyone’s best friend, Sara here. Here is an interesting perspective from 14 year old Navya from Delhi-

What is lock- down like for extroverts? Read on


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-When life becomes regular

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. My 8 year old friend Navika asks such a beautiful question to those who are making the most of this lockdown-Will we miss these days when life becomes ‘regular’? Read on.


#SaraReads#GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR PASTA

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Hey, Sara here! Everyone’s new best friend. I am thrilled to share  this beautiful poem by 10 year old Aaiza Fahad’s  from Bareilly, UP. That pasta on our table is food that a lot do not have access to right now. There is a lot to be thankful for!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Know your strength and assess your weakness

Kanishkaa Shah 4 comments

Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here.Do you think an 11 year old can make us all think about why we should be grateful during this period? Kanishka from Vadodara will convince you. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- We are all in this together

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Hey everyone. Sara here. 9 year old Ishaan Khemka is thankful for so many things, especially that grandma is making special treats through this tough time. But he also remembers that we are all in this together.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Waiting for a spell

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. Time for some fantasy, with  9 year old Saurish taking some inspiration from Harry Potter.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Healing Nature

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Hey there. Sara here.  Read this refreshing poem, called ‘Healing Nature’ by 12 year old Ishaan from Kolkata.


#SaraReads #GratitudDuringCovid: Essay- Fast Forward to 2075

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Hey everyone. Sara here. Read this gripping account of thelockdown from way into the future by 13 year old Mahiraa from Rohini


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- There is no one to blame

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Hey, your new best friend Sara here. 7 year old Lavishka has this beautiful poem to share.Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Unlocking feelings in the lock-down

Devbrat Hariyani one comment

Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here. Today my 16 year old friend Devbrat Hariyani talks about his transformation during the lock-down, from dark and bare to conscious and introspective.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Its OK to not be OK

Nivedita Chawda one comment

Hey everyone, your new best friend Sara here! I am quite blown away by the thinking of my friend Nivedita from Vadodara- this is not a contest, this is a pandemic. Loved it. Read on!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Thank you for making me a good boy

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Hey everyone. Sara here. This small and simple poem by almost-6 years old Mitansh has a great message packed in it for all kids and all parents. He knows he has to thank his parents for making him who he is.  Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-UNO is our new found love

Malavika Balachandran 2 comments

Hey, your best friend Sara here. I really liked this mature essay by 14 year old Malavika because being grateful doesnt mean being unmindful. Malavika is very aware of the plight so many are facing and it helps her feel lighter about her own load.   Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Chores, Art, Reading & Kitchen- Too much to do!!

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Hey everyone, Sara here. 11 year old Anya has shared with us today how she has turned around the boredom of this lockdown into a complete fun riot with her sister. Looking for ideas? Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Time to say thanks for so much!

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Hey everyone. Sara here, your best friend. Wondering what you could be grateful for in these troubled times? Today, my 7 year old friend Harshika from Kolkata helps us out with a long list.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay- Now the stage is not for us

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Hey , your friend Sara here. Today I have such a fun write up from Ritayan Misra from Rayagada, Odhisha state. You wont be able to hide a grin reading about him trying to draw his favourite Messi but it turning out to look like a different player he is not fond of. Keeping them coming Ritayan!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: An 8 year old’s view of lockdown

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Hey everyone. Sara here! My 8 year old friend Atreyo from Kolkata starts his poem feeling thankful that the sweet shops are open.I start my day being thankful that I have such simply sweet friends like. Read on..


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Hygiene is the most powerful weapon now

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Hey , Sara here. 10 year old Samaira sends us a simple message of hope. Tired and bored of living with corona virus? Lets get rid of it by just maintaining hygiene.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: A pop of COVID

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Hey everyone. Sara here! I am so excited today to share this super fun poem by my 13 year old friend Zyna, all the way from Amritsar. Loved the mix of movies, trivia and facts and she surely knows some big words! Read on…


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Mom, I love you!

Kasvi Khosla 2 comments

Hey, Sara here. I am back with another sweet mix of mother’s day love and gratitude during corona. Our moms love us through the year, why should there be only one day when we tell her, we love her too?

13 year old Kasvi, I join you in saying moms are like Avengers,running towards oncoming challenges!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Grandma’s Tale

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Hey everyone. Sara here. We start the week today by this brilliant poem- Grandma’s tale by 13  year old Ahaana. Thank you for a peek into the future Ahaana-  7.8 billion smiles will definitely drive the virus away.


Mother’s Day Special! Poem- Being my mom’s amigo #SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid

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Hey everyone. Sara here. This essay by my 11 year old friend Aarav is the  perfect read for mothers day AND gratitude during Covid. Check it out.


Mother’s Day Special! Poem-The world is better because of you! #GratitudeDuringCovid


Sara here! Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely moms out there. Thanks to my friend Vansh for giving words to all our gratitude- The world is better because of you!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- The virus speaks

Mehak Batra no comments

Hey, your friend Sara here. And I bring to you a brilliant take by 14 year old Mehak, who speaks on behalf of corona virus. And while it may seen unconquerable for now, its only match is in our positivity and gratitude.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-Writing a gratitude rhyme

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Hey everyone, Sara here, your new best friend! I am all charged up today after reading this cute little poem from my 8 year old friend Samaira. Please do give her a high-five for being grateful for something not named so far- the internet!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Value things we have taken for granted

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Hey everyone, your new best friend Sara here! Today I have read this wonderful essay by my 14 year old friend Isha and making a list of things I had taken for granted all this while. Will you join me? Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: When the vicious virus stealthily sneaked in

Arnav Goyal no comments

Hey, your friend Sara here again. Check out this wonderful essay by my 10 year old friend Arnav about how the virus crept in and changed our lives. But there is till something to be thankful for!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Time Warp

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here! Today 12 year old Hunar has stunned me with her poem ‘Time Warp’. Read for yourself and you will be stunned too.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-Special mention to Teachers

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Hey, Sara here.  Today my 8 year old friend Soham says thank to nature but also the teachers. We havnt done that yet, right? Was about time. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Grateful for freedom


Hey everyone, Sara here. Today I am stunned by the deep thoughts of my 14 year old friend, Bhumi from Delhi. She says, the lockdown may have bound me from going out of the house, but not from going inside. Wow! Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: My Backup Plan

Yash Ganeriwala no comments

Hey everyone, Sara here. Today my friend 14 year old friend Yash has shared with us his reasons to be grateful but more importantly his back up plan. Thanks Yash for giving me a nudge to share this poem further 🙂


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- World versus me

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Hey everyone. Thanks for all the wonderful poems and essays. They have really made us full of gratitude and positivity. And today, I will follow my 7 year old friend, Nishka to stop and smell the daisies.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: My prayer during quarantine

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Hi everyone, your best friend Sara here. There is nothing which will inspire more gratitude in us than accepting that we have privilege that others done. For everyone who thinks kids are too young to understand these things, read this beautiful essay from 10 year old Azarya about who we should pray for.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Keep our spirit high and wait!

Arnav Sawney 3 comments

Hey, Sara here, your new best friend. The lockdown is getting longer and life is getting harder. Read this well rounded essay by 15 year old Arnav on why we must still have hope.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem- Hope is not lost

Anoushka Chopra no comments

Hey, Sara here, with another inspiring poem from  11 year old Anoushka Chopra. I am totally pepped up with ‘hope is there, everything will be alright.’


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Happiness Ladder

Mahit Verma one comment

Hello all. Sara here with another sweet little poem from a little poet, 7 year old Mahit Verma. I love his idea of a ‘happiness ladder’. Dont you want one too? Read on to know more..


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Board games win over digital games

Kevin Chug no comments

Hello people. Sara here. My 14 year old friend Kevin has had an interesting discovery through the lockdown and I agree whole-heartedly- Board games are really better than digital games. Read on


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid : Thankful for the lessons learnt

Shrehan Agarwal one comment

Hey, Sara here.  I am overwhelmed by the submissions from kids far and wide, showing their gratitude for so many things- healthcare workers, parents, time to discover ourselves. Today I share a unique thought, by 10 year old Shrehan, who is thankful for the lessons learnt. Read on.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Empathy is the new sunshine


Hey, Sara here. I love how my 13 year old Sadhika bakes in hope and sunshine into this warm write up on living through the lock-down times. Read on to borrow some of her positivity.


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: We haven’t lost the war yet

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Hey, Sara here with another uplifting poem by my 12 year old friend Laksha. Loved how she started this poem- When Pandora opened the box of sickness,
There was something at the end of the box-hope. Read on for your daily dose of positivity!


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Mom is relentless like the tides

YuvRaj Sharma one comment

Hello, your new best friend Sara here. I am loving the inputs from kids, flowing in everyday on what we can be thankful for during these times. And here is one which we all will agree with. A big shout out to all the moms out there. You indeed are relentless like the tides.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Discovering an unexplored ‘me’

Anusha 21 comments

Hey, your new best friend Sara here. Today, I am reading this beautiful piece by 11 year old Anusha. There is so much that has changed suddenly, but that change has given us a chance to discover ourselves and others around us.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Thank you to farmers, our lifesavers

Sanvi Atul Sharma no comments

Hey, Sara here. Who is your favourite COVID warrior? ‘Farmers,’ chimes out 9 year old Sanvi, loud and clear! Read on to understand why.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Aarohi Arora no comments

Hey, Sara here! I am totally loving the enthusiasm from kids, young and old writing in to share how they are feeling through these tough times. Today 13 year old Aarohi from Gurgaon shares this beautiful realization of how the world has become one.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid : Hello to Wordplay and Gurgaon’s creative kids

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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid : Hello to Wordplay and Gurgaon’s creative kids

Hey, Sara here. Very excited to say hello to my new Gurgaon friends. Thanks to Soumi Duttagupta for grooming kids to write and express themselves through Wordplay.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Poem-I can sleep hugging my parents tight

Krishiv no comments

Hello, your story-loving friend Sara here. Today’s poem is just perfect, with a light-hearted topping on gratitude. My 7 year old friend Krishiv presents this refreshing picture of a dad who is baking cakes and a mom who is watching movies during the lockdown…


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCOVID-Poem: Put on our thinking caps!

Amaira Garg no comments

Hey. Sara here. Back for your daily dose of positivity? Today is extra special. Can 10 year olds also change the world?You bet! My 10 year old friend Amaira from Kolkata has not only shared with us a wonderful poem but also raised 90,000 INR through a crowdfunding campaign to help the poor during COVID19. She certainly has put her thinking cap on!


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Thank you!

Shreya Girish no comments

Hey there. Your new best friend Sara here.How are we doing today ? Very happy to read this simple and heartfelt thank you note from my 7 year old friend Shreya, all the way from Switzerland .It seems enough to lift spirits of the tireless workers.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Let Us Lift Up Our Spirits

Anisha Binaykia no comments

8 year old Anisha Binaykia has the simplest answer to what we can do to see this COVID crisis through- Let us take a minute to lift up our spirits.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: A vote of thanks

Krishnav Jhunjhunwala no comments

Is anything better now than before? Read this poem by 10 year old Krishnav Jhunjhunwala to know.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Count your blessings

Akshita Saraf one comment

What is the best approach to see through this lockdown and Covid crisis. “Count your blessings, not your crosses,” says  12 year old Akshita Saraf in this beautiful poem. Read on to lift yourself up.


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Most fortunate boy in town

Devansh Golchha 7 comments

Life suddenly got hard for us, right? Locked in and locked down. Is there any reason to be thankful? Yes, says the most fortunate boy in town. A beautiful poem by 10 year old Devansh Golchha from Kolkata.



#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid-Poems: Discover Yourself

Avani Goenka 4 comments
#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid-Poems: Discover Yourself

Hey everyone, your new best friend Sara here. You know how I love sports and stories. But once in a while, a poem comes around that blows me away! Amazed by the poetic talent in my friend from Kolkata, Avani Goenka. Simple, beautiful and something we all can relate to right now- to step out and soak ourselves in nature, without a care in the world! Sounds like a dream, right? Lets dream on!


Know Sara better

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