Tangrams with Sara

Tangram Activities With Sara #30- A duck and an old man


Hello little ones, Sara here! What happens when we take people for granted?  Two 7 year olds, Prisha Chugh and Devansh of Little Readers Nook, Gurgaon and Hyderabad, answer the question for us in this lovely Tangram tale.


Tangram Activities with Sara Bookosmia


Once upon a time there was a duck.

Everyday the duck asked an old man for his lantern. The old man gave the lantern every single day to the duck.




After a few days the old man got tired of giving away his lantern to the duck. So one day he refused to give the lantern but the duck snatched it away from him.

Tangram activities with Sara Bookosmia

The next day, the old man thought of teaching the duck a lesson. So he put a spooky toy inside the lantern and gave it to the duck when she came asking for it.  The duck opened the lantern at home and got scared of the spooky toy.

From then on the duck never asked for the lantern ever again!

Tangram Activities With Sara #29- Love and Kindness are never wasted


Hello Tangram stars, Sara here!  Kindness doesnt take much and gives back a lot in return.

Tangram stories with Sara young writer Kavya BookosmiaHere is a lovely story, by 5 year old Kavya Joshi from Mumbai, of Little Readers Nook. Do you have your own stories to share?Send it to me at sara@bookosmia.com



Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Karishma lived in a small bungalow with her parents.

Every morning, she drank a glass of warm milk in her porch.
One day, a dog sat at the gate and looked at her glass of milk.


She quickly ran into the kitchen and brought a roti. She opened the gate and fed it to the hungry dog.

Next day again, the same thing happened. The dog sat at the gate and looked at her. She brought a roti and fed him.
Thus, she started giving a roti to the dog everyday.


Tangrams with Sara Kavya Bookosmia One night, a thief tried to enter her bungalow.  On seeing the thief, the dog quickly ran towards him and bit him very hard on his right leg.

The thief got hurt and ran away from there.

Tangram Activities with Sara #28- The Lonely Cat


Hello little ones, Sara here! How simple is it to make someone feel less lonely? As simple as this story, by 6 year old Mira Gohil of Little Readers Nook, Mumbai. Can a single action from us, lighten up some one’s life?


The Lonely Cat

Once upon a time there was a cat. She was very lonely.

Tangram activities with Sara Cat Bookosmia

One day a farmer went shopping. He saw the cat and asked, ” What happened, little cat?”

“I am lonely” said the cat.

“Okay, then I will take you to my farm,” said the farmer.

“Thank you!” said the cat.

So, the farmer took her to his farm and introduced her to his pets, and the cat  was never lonely again.

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#27- Oorja in the enchanted forest


Hello little ones, Sara here. Our Tangram stories  are usually about living through our favourite dreams, isnt it? Hehe. 5 year old Kyna Gilani of Little Readers Nook, Gurgaon for this  magical mystery ride.


Oorja in the Enchanted Forest

Once there was a little girl called Oorja. She used to stay in castle with her  Mamma and Papa. Castle’s name was Sunset. Every year on her birthday she  used to visit the enchanted forest.


On her 6th birthday she was walking in her favourite forest, when she felt as if  someone was following her. But when she turned around she didn’t see  anyone. She kept walking and took out an apple to eat. Suddenly at that moment someone took the apple away from her.


She heard a voice that was a Unicorn’s. Unicorn told Oorja that he becomes  transparent when there are people around him but now wanted his colours  back. So Oorja asked him how she could help him get his colours back.


Unicorn asked Oorja if she could make colors and give him yellow colors for the mane and tail. So Oorja took bluebird and sunflower and mixed them and used them to color the tail and mane. Now Unicorn wanted pink color for the body – Oorja mixed red and white roses to make pink color and then coloured Unicorn’s body. Then unicorn said but how will I become my usual shiny self.


So Oorja took took some shine from the sun and gave to unicorn.

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#26- Feels like Christmas


Hello little ones, Sara here. We all need a little pepping up in these times, and nothing better than that happy feeling of Christmas.  Lets say thanks to 7 year old Miraaya Bhende of Little Readers Nook, Mumbai for this endearing Tangram story.


Once upon a time, on Christmas eve, Tanaya was busy making something special. Her mother called her, “Tanaya, oh you are not ready yet, get ready. We have to go to Church!”


“Yes Mumma, see what I have made!” said Tanaya. “Wow such a lovely pair of candles, they are pretty,” observed Mumma.

Tanaya got ready and left for church with her parents. On her way, she saw a  hut and it had no light. One child was trying to read a book to his younger  sister.

Sara's Tangram story Christmas Mumbai Bookosmia

Tanaya kept walking to the church with her parents. As soon as they reached church, Tanaya lit one of the candle. She kept another candle with herself. Her mother was very curious seeing this.

After the prayers they all started walking back to their house . While walking back on the same street, Tanaya stopped at the hut and gave her candle to the kid. The kid was very happy. He lit the candle and started reading a story to his younger sister.

Tanaya’s parents was very happy and proud of her on seeing this and they all  happily went home. It was a ‘Merry Christmas’ indeed.


Miraaya Bhende,7, Mumbai

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#25- The Cat and the Bird


Hey, everyone’s best friend Sara here!  7 year old Rajveka and Vaanya of Little Reader’s Nook, Kolkata have written this cute Tangram story on friendship! Dont miss, read on.


sara's activities cat tangram

Once there lived a furry brown cat called Toffy and a pretty purple bird called Lavender. One day Toffy was playing hide and seek with Lavender in the garden. Toffy was hiding behind a tree. Behind that same tree there was a well.


By accident Toffy fell into the well. She called for help but the people did not help her as they thought she would bite them. Lavender found Toffy and tried  to get her out of the well, but could not. She flew as fast as she could and got  all her bird friends to help Toffy.

Finally they were able to get Toffy out of the well. Toffy was very thankful and  promised that she would give her a pack of chocolates next time. The two of them went to play and lived happily ever after.


True friends are very important.

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#24 Sparrow and the Wild Cat


Hello little ones.  Here is an endearing Tangram story , from 7 year old Swara Sameer Pandit of Little Readers Nook Mumbai, with a wonderful message of friendship.


#SaraReads stories for kids by young writers Swara Mumbai

Once there was a dense jungle  and in the middle of the jungle, there was a  Banyan tree. A  flock of sparrows used to live on that tree. One wild cat was  staying in the bushes near the tree. The wild cat used to chase the sparrows  and both of them always kept fighting.


One bright sunny day , the sparrows were resting on the tree and the wild cat was also relaxing and sleeping nearby. One wolf was slowly approaching the cat and the cat was not at all aware of the same. The sparrows saw the scary wolf and all the sparrows attacked and pecked at the wolf. The wolf ran backed to the jungle. The wild cat was really happy and thanked the sparrows.


A few days passed by and the sparrows were eating near the tree as they were busy eating, one black kite was coming towards them. The cat saw the black kite and scared the black kite. The sparrow thanked the wild cat after that they became good friends and lived happily.

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#23 Suzy and the Grey Kite


Hello little ones.  Sharing this extremely creative story by a little author, 7 year old Naisha from Little Readers Nook Gurgaon.  Beautiful tangrams and an even better message- Looks dont matter, our confidence does.


Suzy and the Grey Kite

Sara's Activities Tangram STEM for kidsOnce upon a time there lived a girl called Suzy. She was going to the Kite  festival riding on her beautiful unicorn. As they reached the kite festival, Suzy saw a gloomy grey kite sitting alone.

Nobody took him .Everybody only bought colourful kites. The grey kite was  locked in a glass and it was sobbing. Suzy felt sad for the grey kite and quickly  took the kite from the shopkeeper.


The kite was relieved to come out of the glass and thanked the girl for taking him. Suzy sat on the unicorn and they went on top of the green mountain to fly the grey kite high up in the blue sky. The grey kite felt awkward in the sky  among all the bright ones. He thought, “If I fall all the other kites will laugh at  me.”

But Suzy and the kite did not give up. Soon he began to enjoy the fresh air and began to rise high, high, so high. He started loving it. Seeing him dance so high all the other colored kites learnt a lesson that they should not have made fun of him. They realized that dark or colorful doesn’t matter. It is important to be confident and happy with ourselves.

Now the grey kite lives happily ever after in his new home…


Naisha Bothra,7, Gurgaon

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#22 Jake’s Mysterious Day


Hey, everyone’s best friend Sara here!  7 year old Saadhana and Harshit from Little Reader’s Nook, Bangalore have written this brilliant Tangram story- football, rain, superman and even a nursery rhyme. They have got it all in there! Dont miss, read on.


Title of the story – Jake’s Mysterious Day

#Sara's Activities Tangram STEM for kids

There lived a boy named Jake. He was  excellent in sports, mainly football. He wanted to become a famous football player when he grows up.


Jake could play football anytime as he liked it a lot. He practiced everyday in the morning.

One day when he was practicing his striking and dribbling, suddenly he found himself lost in the middle of a dense forest. He was so involved in his practice that he didn’t realize where he had reached. This shows how much he loves football.


He was scared, he cried,”I want to go home, what shall I do?”


And then suddenly when he was crying he heard a loud noise.




Superman, with his green umbrella was standing in front of Jake. 

Jake was surprised and he heard a sound. 

Pitter..patter.. pitter..patter.

Then suddenly he sang,

“It’s raining, it’s pouring,

The old man is snoring, he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t wake up next morning.”

 He picked his football and started playing in the rain.


Superman said, “I am happy to see you play but it is getting late and we must go home. I will take you home with my super green umbrella. So now I want you to hold  my umbrella and come with me before we get into anymore adventures.”


Jake and Superman head home with the umbrella and the boy was  extremely happy to see his house.

He thanked the Superman, who left to help more people.

Jake skipped into his house with the football in his hands and lived happily ever after.

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#21- Story of Tangram


Hello little ones.  Sharing this extremely creative story by a little author, 7 year old Lavishka Jain from Little Readers Nook Gurgaon. What is this Tangram story about? Well, Tangrams!


It was a sunny hot day, and there lived a girl named Sia, with bright eyes, one  ponytail, baby pink lips and a beautiful pink frock. She was five years old and  lived in a comfortable apartment with her mother and father.

“Aah! It’s so hot,”Sia exclaimed as she was sitting in her balcony fanning  herself. In the meantime her mother got some watermelons to eat. Sia loves  watermelons especially on such a hot day.


After eating it, Sia went inside. She asked her mother, who was working in the  kitchen, “Mummy, what should I do?” Her mother suggested, “Why don’t you  go out and play in the sun?” “No it’s too hot,”Sia refused. “Ok, then read a book,” Mamma advised. “No it’s too boring”, Sia replied.

Sia was being too  picky. She went inside her room with a sigh. She jumped in her bed and said to  herself, “What can I do, Mamma is also busy with her kitchen work?”


Sia’s mother was watching her, and she noticed that she is looking very bored  and gloomy. Mom got an idea and she sat on a dining table and started making  shapes with Rajma beans.


Sia came out of her room to drink water, when she noticed her mother playing  and making different objects from those shapes. Sia got curious and sat there  only looking at her Mamma.

Mamma suggested, “Why don’t you make your own shapes by cutting  colourful paper and after dinner we can make our stories from it”. Sia liked the  idea and immediately rushed to her room to make her game. While she was  cutting the shapes; mom told her that this game is called Tangram and it’s a very fun game.

Sara's Activites Tangram STEM for kids

Sia quickly finished making her Tangram shapes and was ready with the story  too. Mamma said, she has to finish her meal and then it would be story time.  Sia, ate her dinner really fast that day. She made a story about Jungle which  had animals like lion, rabbit, fox and also a hunter and lots of tress. From that  day whenever Sia felt bored, Tangram was her first choice.


Lavishka Jain, 7, Gurgaon

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#20- Music makes us happy #WorldMusicDay


Hello little ones.  Sharing this beautiful story by a little author, 7 year old Isha Nadkarni from Mumbai. The perfect way to ring in World Music Day tomorrow, 21st June.


Sara's Activities STEM Tangram

Once upon a time there was a little sting ray who was shy. Her name was
Chicki. One day her mother told her that she had to perform at a concert.  Chicki had not prepared for it, she was scared.


At the concert there were many people, she sang L….L….L…A…A…L…A
and others sang LA..LA..LA..LA..LA. Chicki was out of tune, she was


When she got home her mother was not angry, she said you tried your best. It’s ok and then Chicki realised that she needed a little practice, so she
practiced and practiced and practiced until she was perfect.


The next time when her mother took her to the concert, Chicki won the first prize for singing. When they asked her how she got so good at singing, Chicki said she worked very hard. She said she did that not to win a prize, but just to make her mother very happy and proud.


After all, music isn’t about how many prizes you win, it’s about how much you enjoy it.


Isha Nadkarni, 7, Mumbai

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#19- The Happy Pyramid


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 5 year old Nayara Tharakan, from Mysore has shared this fun story from Little Readers Nook. Read on! Can you think of a story on this tangrams too? Send them to me at  Sara@bookosmia.com


The Happy Pyramid family tangram STEM Sara's activities for kids Bookosmia

Once upon a time, there was a happy Pyramid family. The Appa (daddy) pyramid and the baby pyramid were best friends. This pyramid family had  been living in the hot desert for many years. One day, the Appa pyramid  peeped out and saw many pyramid families like theirs travelling and settling
down in and around their home. Their sandy neighborhood was becoming  crowded and noisy. So, Appa pyramid decided to shift to another place. He  always wanted to experience the cold. So, the Appa pyramid said bye to his baby and off he went to Antarctica! He was welcomed by the friendly penguins, the sea lions and the polar bears. They looked at him in wonder!


They had never seen a pyramid before. Soon, the Appa pyramid was  everybody’s favourite. The penguins used the pyramid as their sliding slope.  The sea lions went down the sides of the pyramid and splash, they fell into the ice cold waters.


But the Appa pyramid soon began to shiver and freeze as he was not used to  the cold weather and he wanted to leave. But the penguins pleaded with him  to stay back and made him a big warm jacket out of round stones. The Appa  pyramid was very happy and he stayed on there.

Suddenly, the baby pyramid woke up with a start. She ran to Appa pyramid with  her eyes full of tears and said, “Appa, would you be leaving us to go to  Antarctica to live with the penguins and the polar bears?”


Appa laughed and said, “Oh, I would I never leave you ever, little one! But let’s  all go together to Antarctica on a holiday next summers.”

“Thank God it was just a dream!” cried the baby pyramid.


Nayara Tharakan, 5, Mysore

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram#18- A Happy Flower


Hey. Sara here and I am back with some cute yet meaningful stories from our  friends at the Little Readers Nook. 7 year old Arya Prashant Bhat from -Mumbai feels we have a lesson to learn from flowers.

Can you think of a story on the flower tangrams too?

A Happy Flower

One fine morning a beautiful flower bloomed in the garden. As soon as she  opened her eyes she saw many beautiful things around her like tall mountains,  green trees, bright yellow sun and many other colourful things. She saw the  bright sun smiling at her. She too happily smiled at him.

A girl came to the  garden and noticed the beautiful flower. She loved it very  much and wanted to take it home. So she plucked the flower and took it home. She offered it god after reaching home.

At the end of the day, the flower dried up.

Moral of the story :
The flower gave happiness to everyone around her till she was fresh. This shows we should always keep smiling in any situation whether it is good or bad just like the happy flower.

Arya Prashant Bhat, 7, Mumbai

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #17- Crabby and Octo, a story on making new friends


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 7 year old  Mihira from Mumbai has shared this fun story from Little Readers Nook. Read on! Can you think of a story on these tangrams too? Send them to me at Sara@bookosmia.com


#Sara's Activities for kids STEM science

Once upon a time, there lived a crab called Crabby. He was not happy because he had no friends. The other fishes went to school, but Crabby did not go as he didn’t have any friends.

In the same ocean, there lived an octopus named Octo. Just like Crabby, Octo also didn’t have any friends and didn’t go to school. Octo often felt sad as he had no friends.

One day, when Crabby was wandering in the ocean, a large rock fell on him when he was not looking. Crabby got stuck under that rock and cried loudly for help. Octo was swimming nearby and he heard Crabby’s voice. He immediately turned to Crabby. He told Crabby “Don’t worry, I will save you from this giant rock. I have eight hands – I can easily lift this rock using them”.

Octo bravely pushed the rock aside using his strong hands. Crabby came out from under the rock. He said to Octo, “I am really grateful to you for saving me. What is your name?”

“Hi- my name is Octo. What is your name?”
“I am Crabby. Can we be friends?”
Octo replied “Yes of course! I am so happy to meet you, my friend Crabby!”
Octo then told Crabby “I didn’t have any friends till now, and that is why I didn’t go to school.”
Crabby replied “You are my first friend! From tomorrow onwards, we both will go to school together.”
After that day Crabby and Octo went together to school. At the school, they met many fishes, turtles, octopuses and crabs. They both made many new friends. They were both happy as they were not lonely anymore.

Crabby told Octo, “Even though we have many friends now, you will always be my best friend.”
Octo said, “Thank you Crabby! But please don’t get stuck under a rock ever again!”

Both Octo and Crabby laughed heartily on this, hugged each other and
remained best friends forever.


Mihira Shukla, 7, Mumbai

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #16- Meeting a Lion


Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here with a  beautiful story by 6 year old Aarohee More from Mumbai.  What can you do when faced with an invincible  opponent? Just wait it out. Patience is the answer, whether Lion or even Coronavirus?


#Sara'sActivities Tangram STEM for kids stories for kids BookosmiaOnce a family of parents and 2 girls went to the jungle for a safari. While they  were sitting under their tree house and enjoying their meal, suddenly a lion appeared. The lion was very hungry and wanted to eat them up.

As soon as the lion started approaching them they immediately climbed the
tree and went into their tree house and locked themselves up. The lion waited for a very long time for the family to come down but was unsuccessful.

Finally, due to hunger he left from there to search for another prey. The family seeing the lion leaving, came down from their tree house, sat in their jeep and returned home safely.

Aarohee More, 6, Mumbai

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #15- Superhero in a rocket


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 7 year old Upamanyu of LRN has penned this tangram story, living his dream I am sure- of an astronaut who is also defeating the bad guys! Read on….


Sam and his Rocket

STEM Activities for Kids Sara's Activities Tangrams

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Sam. He was very interested in space.

When he grew up he studied very hard in astronomy and became an astronaut. His dream was to go to space in a rocket.

One day his dream came true when he was selected to go to space in a rocket.
After he started his journey to space, after a few days he landed on an  unknown planet.There he found some  living beings who were very tiny in size.


He realized that he had come to a place full of aliens. The aliens at first were very scared to see Sam and his rocket.  They started to attack him and his rocket but as they were very small they could not hurt them. When the leader of the aliens realized that Sam was a good man, he ordered the others not to attack Sam and his rocket. He said to Sam, “ If you are a good guy, can you help us from the bad aliens of this planet ? ” Sam said,  “ Yes, of course I will.”

Then Sam asked the good aliens to take shelter in his rocket while fighting with the army of the bad aliens. After Sam defeated the bad aliens, he put them all in his empty bottles of juices and threw them away. Then he asked
the good aliens to come out from his rocket. The leader of the good aliens thanked him. Sam said bye bye to them and came back to Earth safely in his rocket.

Upamanyu Bhattacharya, Kolkata, 7 years

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #14: Three friends who saved the jungle #EnvironmentDaySpecial


Happy World Environment Day everyone! Your best friend Sara here with a  beautiful story by 6 year old Arunima from Mumbai.  I hope humans come a long way from how they are defined in the story, as some one who “Builds houses, hunt animals, eat them and take a nap.”


Three friends who saved the jungle #

Once there was moutain that had a jungle nearby. In the jungle there were animals who were friends – a lion who was very strong, a fox – who was very smart and the third was the rabbit who was very fast.


One day, a man came walking to the jungle to hunt. The rabbit saw him and he went to tell the fox. The fox said “Don’t worry, we will call the lion and we’ll manage”. 


The fox told the lion about it and the lion went to the man and said “Hi man, how are you? You are the first man to reach this jungle – Why are you here?”.


The man replied, “I am here to build a house and hunt animals, eat them and take a nap”.


Then the fox said “Oh! very nice. We also have a river in this jungle. You can take a boat and also eat fish there.” 


The man said “Good idea, I will go to sleep – I have a lot of work.” Then, when the man was sleeping, the fox took his gun away and the rabbit went to call the lion. The lion went to pounce on the man and the man ran away from the jungle. This is how the three friends saved the jungle.


Arunima Chowdhury (6.5yrs) Mumbai

Sara’s Activities: Tangram # 13- Princess Faye and the Kite


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 6 year old Nandita from Mumbai has shared this fun story from LRN. Read on! Can you think of a story on these tangrams too? Send them to me at Sara@bookosmia.com


Once upon a time there lived a princess named Faye. Her loving parents, the King and Queen gave her whatever she wanted.  One day she asked them for a kite. But they said they don’t have a kite – maker in their kingdom.


The next day she went to the fountain in the palace gardens. She pretended it  to be an enchanted fountain and she closed her eyes and said ‘I wish I had a magical kite of my own that will protect me.’  As soon as she opened her eye a kite came flying into her hands!


She wanted to fly her kite in her garden. Her parents warned her not to go out  of the palace fort as it was dangerous. As she was playing, she wandered out of the fort by mistake.  A thief caught her and tried to kidnap her. But the kite swirled around the thief’s head and his head began to spin. The princess  grabbed her kite and ran back to the fort.

Moral: Always listen to your parent’s warnings.

Nandita Shetty,6, Mumbai

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #12- Bird, Dog and a lesson in building trust


Hey. Sara here and I am back with some cute yet meaningful stories from our friends at LRN. 7 year old Navika and 8 year old Sharanya draw out a beautiful distinction between being cautious and being distrusting ,through their tangram story.
Can you think of a story on these tangrams too?
Once upon a time there lived a bird. One day the bird was feeling thirsty. So it went near a lake to drink some water. A dog was also drinking water in the lake. The dog asked to be friends with him. But the bird did not trust the dog so he did not become friends with the dog. One day the bird was in trouble. He was caught by a hunter .The dog quickly jumped over the hunter and saved the bird. The bird was very ashamed of himself. The dog forgave the bird for his foolishness. They became very good friends.
Navika Jain 7yrs and Sharanya Mall 8yrs from Kolkata

#Sara’sActivities: Tangram# 11- A clever fox


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 7 year old Reyansh from Ranchi has shared this fun story from LRN. Read on!
Can you think of a story on these tangrams too?
The clever fox and the dumb lion on the mountain
Once upon a time there was a clever fox living on the mountains inside a cave. One day an old and weak lion was searching for food but could not find any and was very hungry. By chance one afternoon that lion landed inside the fox’s cave while he was roaming in search of food.
After a few hours when the fox returned, he saw lion’s footprints outside the cave. The clever fox shouted “Cave oh my cave should I come inside?”
The dumb lion thought of answering on behalf of the cave and said “Come oh my dear friend come inside”
The clever fox ran away saving his life from that old, weak and hungry dumb lion who was ready to kill him for food.

Moral – In difficult times one should be brave and work with brains and not be dumb.

Reyansh Gupta, 7 , Ranchi

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram # 10- Pumpkin Girl


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 6 year old Ira Shenoi from Mysore has shared this fun story. Read on!
Once upon a time there was little girl called Iri in a village very close to deep dark forest. She was walking in
the forest and found a small pumpkin. It was a magic pumpkin and started to grow bigger and bigger. It grew
so big that the girl decided to make it as her home. Slowly day by day she carved a bedroom, living room and
balcony for her inside the pumpkin. It was the cutest house and everyone called her pumpkin girl because she
lived inside a pumpkin.During the day she would go around the forest picking berries, nuts and fruits to eat. All
the animals in the forest like rabbits, butterflies, squirrels and bears were her friends.

But, other side of the village lived a big monster called Big Tummy Monster. He was called so because, he had
a big stomach and a huge appetite. No matter how much food he ate, he used to be hungry all the time.
People from the village had to cook for him and take food many times in a day, otherwise he would scream
and threaten villagers saying, “I will eat you all up!” People in the village were very sad and crying!
The pumpkin girl saw people crying and asked them what the reason was. They told her that all the food they
had was given away to the Big Tummy Monster and now they would not get anything to eat, even for their kids. If
they don’t give food, the monster would eat the up.

The girl thought of a plan, she went to the monster and said, “Hey Big Tummy Monster, you are hungry , right?
All you need is food, right? if you are really strong come and eat my pumpkin house!”. The monster came over and started eating the pumpkin, the pumpkin was so big that the monster could not finish it up. But the monster didn’t want to give up, and kept on eating and the stomach blasted out open, the monster ran away into deep dark forest in pain and was never seen again.

The pumpkin girl had rescued the villagers from monster, but now she didn’t have a house to live it. The
villagers thanked her and offered to build her a home. But she was not interested, she went to forest and kept
looking for a pumpkin. She found a small cute pumpkin. When she touched the pumpkin, it turned into a huge
one. She could make it as her new home, the villagers helped her turn into a home, and she was happy as ever.
“Do good and be kind”
– IRA SHENOI, 6 years old

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #9 Kitty the cat


Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here. Here is the story of The Two Friends- The Cat and The Swan.
Once upon a time there lived a cat named Kitty. Kitty was roaming on the road for food when she met a swan called Shanny. Kitty the cat had no friends so she thought of making friends with the swan. Kitty the Cat went to Shanny the Swan and asked if she agreed to become her friend. She said “sure” and they became friends. Now that they were friends Kitty the Cat told Shanny the Swan that you are as beautiful as a sunset to which she replied to the Kitty,”You are as cute as a button.” One day they were very hungry. They went to a forest in search of food. Kitty spotted a bowl of milk near a tree and pounced towards it while Shanny the swan was munching on grass nearby. Suddenly they heard a roar of a furious lion. They got frightened and ran away. They decided they will eat whatever they have and never go out into the forest for food.

Takshvi Singh 7years and Prachi Kothari 7years

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #8 The Wise Lion


Hello little ones. Sara here, everyone’s new best friend! I am getting hooked to the cute little stories and tangrams by our friends at LRN. Check out this story by 5 year old Ruhan from Ranchi. I am told none of his stories are complete without lion or tiger as the protagonist. 😃
Once upon a time there was a jungle with tall trees (first tangram). The king of the jungle was a wise lion ( second tangram). One day all animals came to the lion very worried. They told the king that there is a new beast ( third tangram) in the jungle who is killing us. The new beast was called COVID.

The wise Lion King said he has a gun (fourth tangram) which shoots out square soap Bubbles and can kill the Beast. The animals shot COVID with soap Bubbles from the gun.
The beast was killed and all animals lived happily ever after.

By Ruhaan Malhan,5, Ranchi

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #7 The Man and The Fox


Hello little ones. Sara here, everyone’s new best friend! I love these mini tangram tales from my friends at Little Readers Nook. Check out the story of The Man and The Fox, by 8 year old Avni Kamath from Bangalore.
Once upon a time, there lived a man, who lived by the mountains.

One day when he was walking home, he met a fox. The fox said,”I am very hungry.” So the man gave him some food to eat. The fox was very happy and guarded the man’s house throughout the night for any danger.

The next morning, the man saw the fox outside his house. He had not gone  from there, so he asked the fox, “Why are you still here?”

The fox replied, “Because you gave me food, I was very happy and I thought should protect your house.” Then the man and fox became very good friends.

Tangram activities with Sara Bookosmia

Avni Kamath,8, Bangalore

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #4 The Kite


Hello little ones. Sara here, everyone’s new best friend! I am getting hooked to the cute little stories and Tangrams by our friends at Little Readers Nook. Check out the story of Bindi, the kite by 6 year old Ishta Chepuri.
Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little kite named Bindi. She was full of colours. Her face was blue, yellow and green and she had a purple, pink, grey and yellow tail. Although she was the most beautiful kite, she was very stubborn. She would not listen to anyone’s advice. Her elders often told her not to fly very high.

Tangram Activities for kids with Sara Bookosmia

One windy morning, Bindi flew away. She was excited and happy, she was finally flying. As she flew upwards, she was curious to know what was beyond the clouds, where the birds were going, which is the tallest tree and so on. So she flew higher and higher and higher.

Uh-oh, she got stuck on the tallest tree. She sobbed, “I want to go home. Some one get me down!”

A bird who was sitting on the tree heard her cries and flew down. The bird quickly untangled Bindi and set her free. She thanked the bird and flew away.

Hence Bindi learnt a lesson that we should listen to elder’s advice or else we will land in trouble.


About Ishta: Ishta Chepuri is 6 yrs old and lives in Hyderabad. She loves music, an avid reader and enjoys drawing. She has recently started penning down her imaginary stories and has her own publishing company called “Rapi”😅

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #7 Meoww


Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here. My five year old friend Amyra from Ranchi has written this cute little story based on the adorable tangram.
There were 3 friends playing under a tree in the garden.

Tangram Activities for kids with Sara Bookosmia

Suddenly they saw a cat going with it’s kittens to their home.

But one naughty kitten got distracted and lost the way and started crying.

Those 3 friends helped the kitten in finding the home and became very good friend s forever.

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #6 Beautiful Insects


Hey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 4 year old, tiny Advik from Ranchi has shared this tiny story. Read on!
Once upon a time there was a boy named Advik who went for a vacation to Rishikesh.

There he saw beautiful gardens with nicely potted plants and flowers. He loves to water plants so he watered them nicely, then he saw beautiful mountains  and there was a zipline tower in the mountain.

Advik was an adventurous boy. He wanted to try the zip line, so he finished his zipping from one end of the mountain to another. After that he saw a  handsome horse. Advik wanted to have a tour of Rishikesh sitting on the horse.

Tangram activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

After he finished that, he went back to his glass house where he saw some beautiful insects , some were buzzing , some were flying. They were colourful and pretty in their own way.

Advik enjoyed watching them and then as it was dusky he went back to his hotel room and slept .



Advik Ajmani, 4years, Ranchi LRN

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #5 Staying Indoors


Hey there. Your new best friend Sara here! Today’s tiny tangram story is by Aarit Jain, my 7 year old Little Readers Nook friend from Ranchi. Read on.
There was a man who was walking and came across a river. He wanted to  cross it but he saw a crocodile in it.

Tangram Activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

The crocodile said come sit on my back I’ll take you to the other side of the  river. The man thought it’s an easy way but what if it eats me midway.

There was another way- a bridge for which he had to walk a long long way but he decided to take the bridge and not go for the other easy option.

Moral of the story- Don’t take the easy way of going out of your house right now because of the virus and do it the tough way of staying back and doing  things inside your house.

Aarit Jain, 7 years, Ranchi

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #3: A rocket called Rock


Hey everyone, Sara here. Rockets are popular we always knew, right! Here is another Tangram and a cute story by 6 year old Raisha Todi from Mumbai.

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Joy. He wanted to become an astronaut but his parents did not support him. He followed his dreams and  worked hard day and night so that he could chase his dreams.

His dedication and perseverance paid off and he became an astronaut.

Tangram activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

He could manage to buy a rocket after some time. He named it Rock.He sat in the rocket and went to Moon. He met aliens on Moon and became friends with them.

Aliens discussed how they grew their own food using machines. Aliens showed him their space ship which had all the machines to produce food and to survive. After spending few days with them he returned to Earth with lot of experiences from space and gifts from his friends.It was a dream come true experience of his lifetime.


Raisha Todi
Grade 1 BSS,Powai.

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #2 Rocket from India


Hey everyone. Sara here again. These tangrams are really fun. Some of my friends at LRN took to launching them into space, as ROCKETS. Do you want to try? And write a story on the image?
Dont miss the tiny little story my little friend Divit Sohni from Mumbai has sent in along with this cute tangram of a rocket.

Tangram activities for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

#Sara’s Activities: Tangram #1 King


Hey everyone. Your new best friend Sara here! My friends at the Little Readers Nook have been upto some really fun activities with tangrams. Do you want to try it out too? Send it to me in your comments.
Look what a wonderful story 7 year old Ahaana from Mumbai came up with looking at the picture of the Tangram.

Once upon a time there was a land where everyone had a special talent. Once the emperor of the land accidentally broke all his kitchen tiles. He knew he had to replace them with beautiful and amazing tiles.

Tangram Activities with Sara Bookosmia

He remembered meeting a person who hadn’t found his special talent yet. So the emperor thought that this person might have a talent for making tiles.This will be a wonderful opportunity to explore the young man’s hidden talent. He called all the experts and the young man to bring the tiles design.

The young man agreed happily. After a while he finished it. They were beautiful. They were of mystifying colour. He trod over the soft grass to the emperor’s castle.

But he had to cross a river to reach there. He saw a nice boat waiting but without an oar. He took a tile and used it to row the boat. After a while, the tiles became too heavy for him and it sunk after dropping from his hand. The man dove in the water to get them. Once he got them back, he remembered that he had a handkerchief in his pocket. With his magical hands he dried the tiles and made them extra shiny.

After that he took them to the emperor, bowed and said ” presenting the tiles”. The emperor took it and he stared in amazement to the glow and shine of the tiles. The emperor had finally helped the young man in finding his hidden talent.

Aahana Khemka
Grade 2 ,7 yrs
Vibgyor High Malad East