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‘Divergent’ Book Review by Sachi Patel,15 Vadodara- Book Reviews with Sara#8

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Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here! Keep the wonderful entries to my  ‘book reviews by young readers’ section coming in!

Book review with Sara Divergent Veronica Roth Bookosmia Today I share this well rounded book review by Sachi Patel studying in class 10 in Navrachana School, Vadodara. Sachi is a student of Young Orators.




Book Reviews with Sara Divergent Veronica Roth


Name of book : Divergent
Author : Veronica Roth
Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers



“I feel like somebody breathed air into my lungs. I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am DIVERGENT – Tris Prior.

Imagine having to choose between your family and your identity. Imagine  having to make a decision that will change your life forever. Imagine facing  some of your greatest fears depending on your choice. Once chosen, there is no turning back. Face what is in front of you or live your life in poverty, dismay and utter misery. Well, this is Beatrice Prior’s world, welcome to it! Welcome to Divergent!

The population of the city is divided into five groups called the factions, each having its specific character traits. Each year, every sixteen-year-old has to choose one of there five factions: Erudite [the intelligent], Abnegation  [the selfless], Dauntless [the brave], Amity [the friendly] and Candor [the honest]. Once chosen you have to abide by their laws forever, forgetting your past, leaving your family, and taking the quote ‘faction before blood’ seriously even if it means changing your identity. Just like in the case of Bentrice Prior who is now known as Tris.

Tris was born in an Abnegation family but was feeling suffocated about always giving up what she loved, just to he selfless.  Just like the others, she depended on the aptitude test to tell her which faction is most suitable for her to choose, until it was declared that the test didn’t work, it was inconclusive as she had an aptitude for not 1 but 3 factions. She was a DIVERGENT. You might think she is lucky, but in her world, divergence is considered extremely dangerous, she must conceal it to stay alive.

On the choosing day, Tris shocks everyone by the choice of her faction: Dauntless. She starts her initials training by jumping off a roof. Initials is a training divided in three stages: physical, mental and emotional. At the end of initials, only ten of the initiates would make it in. Will she be able to make it? What happens if she doesn’t? What happens next? All of your answers to such questions are hidden in the book so go ahead and read it.

Divergent is filled with suspense, drama, action, mind-blowing plot twists, captivating dialogues, realistic characters, a hint of romance and a dash of humour. Here you will meet many characters that you can relate to in real life, like the-want -it-all- Peter, brave, skilled but soft-hearted- Four, the villain -Jeanine and of course the protagonist -Tris. Tris will amaze you with her strength, will power, intelligence and above all her transformation from an Abnegation to a Dauntless.

According to me, Veronica Rath has done an excellent job. She has given it everything I ever expected from a book.  It has 2 more sequels which are equally amazing and all 3 of them are major motion movies now. The Divergent series has so far sold 32 million copies. It is one of the New York Times bestsellers. If you enjoy reading books like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner than Divergent is a must-read. It’s one of my favourites. You will love it.

Suitable for age group : 13+
Rating : 5/5

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Review of Mr.Wrinkles, by S. Aneesh Krithik, 8 Years, Chennai- Book Review with Sara #7

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Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here! Keep the wonderful entries to my  ‘book reviews by young readers’ section coming in!
Book Reviews with Sara Aneek Chennai Bookosmia
Today, I am sharing this short and sweet review of the popular book ‘Mr. Wrinkles’, by 8 year old Aneesh Krithik from Chennai, a student of Phonics Power.
Book Reviews with Sara Mr.Wrinkles Bookosmia
Title- Mr.Wrinkles
Author- Robert Pearce
Illustrator-Jacqueline East
Publisher-Alligator Publishing Limited

When I saw the book for the first time, I was so curious to know why the elephant got stuck inside a big hole.


Mr.Wrinkles is my favourite book. The book has a lot of colorful pictures of  birds and animals illustrated by Jacqueline East .


The book was gifted by my friend.


The setting of the story is in the jungle. The most interesting character and the protagonist of the story is Mr. Wrinkle, the elephant. The interesting fact about him is that he remembers everything and never forgets.


The story is all about friends. Each one in the story is different- giraffe, lions, crocodile, cheetah, birds, meerkat, wilder-beast. But everyone is special  indeed.


It also teaches the importance of team work. The key message from the story is – Never forget your friends.


If I could change one thing about the book, I would add monkeys in the story.
The writing style is simple for 6 year olds, illustrations very attractive and the book has a colourful look. I would say it is suitable for 6 to 7 years old kids.


Overall, the book is very good in terms of story and attractive illustrations. My review rating for the book is 5*.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Reviews with Sara #6: Thea Stilton MouseFord Academy by Sampoorna, 10 years, Chennai

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Hello young readers, your friend Sara here! Thank you for all your submissions to my  ‘book reviews by young readers’ section, keep them pouring in from far and wide! Keep reading more books and telling me all about it!

Book reviews with Sara by reader Sampoorna Bookosmia

Today 10 year old  Sampoorna Laxni R from Chennai, a student of Phonics Power  shares her review of the book  A Dream On Ice  from the widely popular series Thea Stilton – Mouseford Academy.



Sara's Book Review A Dream on Ice (Mouseford Academy #10) by Thea Stilton


Title of the Book:  A Dream on Ice (Mouseford Academy #10) by Thea Stilton

Name Of the Author: Elisabetta Dami, aka Thea Stilton


The key characters in the book are the Thea Sisters-Colette, Violet, Nicky, Paulina, and Pamela, who are five students at Mouseford Academy on Whale Island. They are adventurous, lively, fun mice, and they want to become  journalists someday. Between lessons and friendship, life at Mouseford Academy is incredibly fabulous!

The story centers around a winter on Whale Island,  when the students at Mouseford Academy are thrilled with the visit of a famous figure Tara Mousinski. The Thea  Sisters come up with the idea of hosting Mouseford’s first ever Winter Game.

The reader is gripped by the question- Will the games be a success, or will diva mouse Ruby Flashyfur ruin the fun for everyone else? As all were waiting for the race to start, Ruby said, “I will destroy the Colette in  the figure Skating competition. What unfurls is an exciting string of events.

My favorite part  of the book is  when Colette, Violet , Nicky , Paulina and  Pamela participated in the  Ice skating events.

The best age group for this book is  9  years old

I enjoyed this book  because dreams about ice skating often reveal your desire to experience some pleasant moments. I would give 4 out of 5 star rating for this wonderful story.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Reviews With Sara #5: Diving with the Dolphins, Review By Shikha Dholakia,11,Vadodara

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Hello young readers, your friend Sara here. Our  ‘Book reviews with Sara’ section by young readers like you is really flourishing, isnt it? Keep reading and keep telling me all about it!

Book Reviews with Sara Shikha Vadodara Bookosmia

Today 11 year old Shikha Dholakia from Vadodara shares her book review with us.




Book Reviews with Sara Activity Magic Tree House by Shikha Bookosmia


Book: Diving with the Dolphins, from the series Magic Tree House

Author: Mary Pope Osborne, a famous American writer who writes books for children from ages 5-15. She lives in New York, and has published over 40 books be it fairytales, myths,and much more.


Some famous person said, “Books are another way to get on an  adventure.” While keeping this in mind, I read this beautiful and adventurous book.

I loved the way the author has written the book. Whenever I read the book, I get the mysterious and thrilling feeling in me.


The book is about a brother and a sister who go into the deep sea in order to solve riddles given by a person named Morgan. Their journey from sitting in a mini Sub and all the adventures they go through, is what makes the story  interesting. They go through different difficulties which include the minisub getting attacked by octopus, seahorses and the scariest part was when they were going to be attacked by sharks. But the main twist happens when the dolphins save the mini sub from drowning . This is the part I like the most. It is said that dolphins are very helpful and friendly to human beings and this scene proves it.

The bond between the brother and sister is also very sweet because Jack, even though the older brother never, scolded his little sister and always helped her, supported her, and took her everywhere he went out for an adventure. I think that this is what we should do with our siblings.

Other special moments I would like to share from the book include the way the dolphins showed their bravery and courage in order to save the kids from the drowning mini sub, and the best part was when the story begins from how the two kids see the same dream and keep it in mind and set off for the clues and riddles given by Morgan. The way the kids have used their intelligence in order to find clues in the deep sea is phenomenal.

I would recommend this book because it is well researched,  interesting,  exciting, adventurous , etc.

As I said that If you are an animal lover this book would be really interesting to read. This book is really nice as it not only shows the importance of people but also  animals.

I recommend the book not only for its intended age group- 6 to 10 years, but also older.

If you trust me and read this book you will fall in love with the Magic Tree House series. I would give it a full 5 stars out of 5*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Reviews with Sara #4: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Review By R.Sankruthyayan, 12 yrs, Oman

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Hello young readers, your friend Sara here! Thank you for all your submissions to my  ‘book reviews by young readers’ section, keep them pouring in from far and wide! Keep reading more books and telling me all about it!

Book reviews with by Sara R.Sankruthyayan Oman BookosmiaToday I bring to you the review of an all time favourite book for kids, by 12 year old R.Sankruthyayan from  Indian School Sohar, Oman.




Book review with Sara Roald Dahl Chocolate Factory by R.Sankruthyayan, Oman Bookosmia

Book: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Illustrator: Quentin Blake

The first sight of the book’s cover made me think that it would be hilarious.

It was a gift from my father’s friend.

The lead character in this book is Charlie Bucket. The other salient
characters are Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, and Violet
Beauregarde. Charlie was a well mannered and obedient boy with patience.


The central idea of the story is to select the luckiest five kids through the
golden ticket lottery to visit Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory and to qualify the best among them for handing over the mantle. There were a few character tests to ascertain his apt successor.

The story’s twist and turn created a suspense that increased my curiosity. My  favourite part of the book was when Charlie got the last golden ticket just before factory opening day. This reminded me the saying, ‘Last but not the

According to me the author emphasizes moral values through this fantasy filled story that one must have patience, calmness and obedience to become
successful in life. Being rude with others, and greediness will never fetch

Some conversations of Mr. Wonka portrayed him as a person who is always concerned about his chocolate-factory, ignoring basic humanitarian values.
Eg. When Mrs Gloop was worried that her son would become chocolate fudge and enquired to Mr Wonka. He replied, “Never, I won’t allow it! Because the  taste would be terrible,  just imagine it! Augustus-flavoured chocolate-
coated Gloop!! No one would buy it!!” He could have replied and consoled Mrs
Gloop politely rather ridiculing her son.

The story is in simple English and easy to understand. This book would be highly enjoyed by kids 7 years and above.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I would give this book a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5*.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Reviews #3 With Sara: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, Review by Raghunandan, 14 years, Cochin

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Hello young readers, your friend Sara here. I am so excited to see the fantastic response to my ‘book reviews by young readers’ activity section! Keep reading and keep telling me all about it!

Book reviews with Sara activities for kids Raghunandhan Kerala Bookosmia

Today 14 year old Raghunandan from Nava Nirman Public School , Cochin shares a well laid out book review.







Book review activity with Sara Percy Jackson Bookosmia

Book: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

Author:  Mr. Rick Riordan

When I saw the cover page I thought this book should be something about  myths and legends.


I got this book because my Mom’s friend suggested it to me.


It is a book about Greek mythology, a fantasy story about the Greek gods and heroes. The central idea of the story is about the dangers faced by children of Greek gods.


The story describes how children of Greek gods reach a summer  camp which is safe for them. This summer camp is called camp half-blood. The children of Greek gods are called half-bloods or demigods. They go to this camp to train themselves against Greek monsters which feed on demigods. Now their fathers, who are the gods of Olympus (Heaven for Greek gods) are in danger because of  The Titan Lord Kronos.


The lead character of this story is Percy Jackson. He is a son of Poseidon (God of oceans). The most interesting part about him is that he is a great  swordsman. Percy Jackson leads the camp and other demigods in it to defend Olympus.


My favorite part of the book is when Percy Jackson single handedly defeated the army of Lord Hades(God of the dead)


My learning from the book is that I should always have a plan like Lady Athena, Goddess of wisdom and battle.


If I could, I would change the part where Lord Zeus (God of gods) offers Percy  Jackson a position of god, but Percy didn’t want it because he loved Annabeth(daughter of Athena) and didn’t want to leave her. Annabeth was the architect of Olympus. So instead of declining the offer Percy could have asked Lord Zeus to make Annabeth God of Architecture and Percy could have been Poseidon’s lieutenant and served him eternally and also could have married Annabeth.


The best age to start reading this epic series is 9 years.


It is really good book. It is written in simple language so that everybody can easily understand. I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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Book Reviews #2 with Sara: The Hardy Boys series, review by Adhiraj Gogna,11 years,Saugor, Madhya Pradesh

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Hello young readers, your friend Sara here. I am so excited to see the response to my activity section -book reviews by kids!

Book Review Activities for kids with Sara Adhiraj Bookosmia

Today 11 year old Adhiraj Gogna, a student of Army Public School in Saugor, Madhya Pradesh sends us this detailed review of the classics Hardy Boys series.



Book- Hardy Boys Series

Author- Edward L. Stratemeyer


I got this book on my birthday from my good friend.

The book’s cover page was a dark coloured book in a 5 book pack and I thought it was full of mysteries.

The series includes some  teenagers who are amateur sleuths or detectives solving cases and mysteries. 


Frank and Joe, together known as Hardy Boys after their surname, are fictional characters who appear in several mysteries trying to solve them and also  sometimes trying help their father Fenton Hardy.  Frank is eighteen, and Joe is seventeen. They live in Bayport on Barmet bay with their world class detective father Fenton Hardy and their mother Laura Hardy. The brothers attend high school in Bayport, where they are in the same grade. In each mystery the boys  are in danger but still try solving mysteries without any fear.


The first mystery was that the Hardy boys’ friend had a car and it was stolen by somebody and when they found where the car was, they got an idea that  the stolen car mystery and tower mystery were connected somehow. The  mystery was that there is a tower in which the Applegate family lives. There are two towers, an old one and a new one.


Just when they figured out the thief and started their investigation, the thief  died in the hospital because of severe injury. The Applegate’s riches and  securities are stolen by a thief and Fenton Hardy, father of the Hardy boys’ was to solve  the case. They try to solve the case with him.


My favourite part of the story was when they solved the case on their own without the help of any adult, by using their brains so efficiently.


The learning we get from the story is that we should not commit any crime because if we do, we only will get harmed eventually.


If I could change something in the book,  I would make the Applegates a little helpful and kind, with a calm behaviour. In the book the Applegate’s are shown as really harsh.


RATING: 5 stars

The best age group according to me for this book would be 10 years and above.


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Book Reviews with Sara#1: Yaksha, by Harshika,8 years, Hyderabad

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Hey everyone, Sara here!  Today I am launching a new activity section which is very special to me. Book reviews by kids!

First one rolling in is from 8 year old Harshika from Hyderabad. It is on my favourite book Yaksha, an Indian superhero who tells kids it is ok to feel different.


Book: Yaksha

Publisher: Bookosmia

Author: Archana Mohan

Illustrator: Adithyaa Sadashiv

The story is about a boy named Yaksha who is in the same grade as me. He  learns about his family secret of Yakshagana dance from his parents and  grandmother. When he learns that the dance form is dying, he wears a  Yakshagana dress to school and tells his friends about it. 


Before reading this book, I had never heard of Yakshagana. I loved this book because of its illustrations and story, one activity and also because the boy is of my age and grade. I like that Yaksha said it is ok to be different. 


I did not like that he was bullied in his new school. If I was in Yaksha’s school, I would have been kind to him and not made fun of anyone because that makes one sad. If I was the author, the book would have ended with Yaksha going on to perform many competitions inspiring other children and everyone appreciating him.


After I read the book, my mumma helped me know more about Yakshagana. I am happy she gave me this book. 


Harshika book review with Sara Bookosmia
Harshika Nair

Age : 8

Delhi Public School, Hyderabad


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Book Reviews with Sara#0: Submission Guidelines

Book Reviews with Sara: Submission Guidelines

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 Book reviews with Sara BookosmiaHey friends, Sara here! Read a book?
Share your review with me. Need a little help?
Here are some suggestions on what you can write :
– Name of the book, author, publisher and illustrator (where applicable)
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-Brief plot summary
– Write about the lead character- what was most interesting about them
-What is the central idea of the story according to you, why is it relevant?
-How was the writing style, the illustrations, general look of the book
-What was your favorite part of the book?
-What was your learning/understanding after reading the book?
-If you could change something in the book, what would it be?
Dont miss to share the following-
-What is the best age group for this book?
-On a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the highest possible , what rating would you give the book?
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