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‘Butterfly, you dear pollinator’ Poem by 8 year old Arnika Jain from Almere, Netherlands and some cool facts

Big Butterfly Month Nature with Sara poem for kids, by kids Bookosmia

Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHello hello, Sara here! The Big Butterfly Month may be coming to an end, but we are not done yet!

Our ‘Nature with Sara’ section buzzing with butterfly stories and poems!


Today, 8 year old Arnika Jain from Almere , Netherlands shares this adorable poem on butterflies. #BigButterflyMonth

Read with Sara stories for kids by Arnika Jain Netherlands BookosmiaArnika loves to read chapter books because they take her to a world of imagination and adventure. Apart from building legos, she loves to draw and doing craft work. Thats why her classmates call her Artist Arnika. She dreams of having an art gallery of her own in future, like that of Van Gogh. She goes to International Primary School, Almere , Netherlands



Butterflies, butterflies,
They’re very cute, what a big surprise!
Do not hurt them, just be wise.


Some are sleepy, some are awake,
If they’re not, then do a little shake.

Big Butterfly Month Nature with Sara poem for kids, by kids Bookosmia
Butterfly, you dear pollinator,
Tie a knot with flowers together.


Hey you kids, don’t hold butterfly
Grabbing forcefully will make her shy.


Hey, Sara here again! Did you enjoy the poem? After that beautiful poem, how about some cool facts about butterflies

Cool Fact#1 : Butterflies Live on an All-Liquid Diet

While we have all heard of how much the hungry caterpillar eats, adult butterflies can only feed on liquids—usually nectar. Their mouthparts are modified to enable them to drink, but they can’t chew solids.

Big Butterfly Month Nature with Sara poem by kids Bookosmia

Cool Fact#2 : Butterflies Drink From Mud Puddles

A butterfly cannot live on sugar alone; it needs minerals, too. To supplement its diet of nectar, a butterfly will occasionally sip from mud puddles, which are rich in minerals and salts. This behavior is called puddling.


Photo credits: Subhadra Devi, a passionate birder and nature lover.


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