Fantasy Calling- Short Stories eBook *free*

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Free ebook alert!

Read with Sara free ebook short fantasy stories by kids Bookosmia

Hello everyone, your best friend Sara here! I am proud to present a collection of fantasy stories for kids, by kids. Here is a free copy of this exciting book, an output of four brilliant and young writers, mentored by WordPlay, proudly published by Bookosmia and vibrantly illustrated by Aayushi Yadav.

Grab your free copy here-

Bookosmia_ Fantasy Calling_ Short Stories for kids

Weekend sorted? Your welcome!


AuthorAchintya Gupta, Risha Agarwal, Sabhya Gupta, Vikramaditya Singh 

Mentored at Wordplay

Illustrator- Aayushi Yadav

Publisher- Bookosmia


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