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Dear moms and dads

Bookosmia means the smell of books, yes, that same fragrance you can’t resist sneaking a whiff of when you get hold of a new book. Hopefully you would find us irresistible too!

Our mission is simple – introduce kids to the joys of reading through our innovative products. We like to make stories come alive for your children - the ones which make for a good nights sleep and others which make learning fun. And all of this through our network of the most talented designers and some brilliant creative inputs from kids themselves!


Our book ‘I Wish I Were’, the product of an IIM + Chumbak team, a ground breaking effort from Nidhi and Parvati towards bringing Indian folklore to the attention of the world and we were adequately rewarded by receiving worldwide appreciation from Global Literature for Libraries forum in Sep’18! With stunning illustrations and an old Indian folklore, the book has been very well received by Indian parents. Order a special copy of this personalized book for your child today at

Now Serving- A fresh story for your child, with some chuckles on the side

Your two year old can’t say her name but she knows how to skip ads on Youtube. Your four year old will only have his meal if it is served with a side of Oggy the Cockroach. Whew! It’s not easy being a parent of today, but you’re doing great. Remember those days when you were a tiny, naughty kid yourself? How much you looked forward to snuggling under the sheets, drifting away to sleep as your parents told you a story. Ah! To get back those moments again!

At Bookosmia, we may not have invented the time machine (yet) but we may have something better – a way for you to replicate those precious moments of bonding with your child. How? Simple, with a story in your inbox every other day. You need stories that entertain, excite and stimulate kids and we, at Bookosmia, have just the collection for you.

Numerous research studies have proven that reading to your child (yes, even that tiny bundle) develops their cognitive, vocabulary and social skills. How about ending a long day with a short story?

Your two year old cant say her name but she knows how to skip ads on Youtube.

Catch us Live!

Did we say kids enjoy stories? We had the amazing Lakshmi of Storywallahs conduct a super fun reading session of ‘I Wish I Were’ at Atta Galata, Bangalore in Sep’18. There was music, dance, art and a whole lot of laughter as she conveyed an important life lesson to both kids and adultsBe happy with who you are! Like us here to stay tuned of upcoming events.