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Suryansh Dalmia

53 Years,
16 Years,
Suryansh Dalmia, a student of La Martiniere for boys, Kolkata is an avid student of History and a writer of short stories and poetry at heart. His writing pursuits have ranged from organizing a creative writing workshop to preparing a compendium on the history of La Martiniere, Calcutta. He currently writes a blog called ‘’ and has contributed his essays, poems, stories and discourses to various magazines, periodicals and publications both online and offline. He has even written and published his own Amazon Kindle book ‘Aspects’. He has a keen interest for study and discourse over historical events, great figures in history and various literary personalities. He has participated in debates, MUN, environmental outreach and dramas as a participant as well as a scriptwriter. Bookosmia congratulates this young writer on getting published at this global writing platform for kids.

By Suryansh

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